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Best Hanukkah gifts for all ages to open over eight nights for all ages

Are you ready for Hanukkah? Here are our top picks of Hanukkah gifts for all ages to help your family celebrate at this special time of year


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Hanukkah is fast approaching, running this year from December 18 through to December 25.

With less than two weeks for everyone to source the perfect Hanukkah gifts, we’ve searched the best deals online and put together a gift guide below with options for all budgets.

Whether you spread out eight inexpensive products over eight nights or splash out on one main item for fussy friends, here are some traditional and unique gift ideas that are sure to put smiles on your loved ones faces.

Help your little one celebrate the Festival of Lights with this customized holiday book.

Add their name so that they feel like the center of attention. 

It covers the holiday traditions in a child-friendly and fun way. 


This candle evokes memories from Hanukkahs over the years to warm up the gift recipients heart and make their home smell inviting and cozy.

Imagine savory latkes dipped in applesauce and sweet jelly donuts. The dreidel spins while the menorah candles burn. 


A twist on tic tac toe with zeros and crosses, this is a game that all ages can play. The winner is the first one to get all their dreidels or menorahs in a row.

As its wooden, it’s built to last so you can have years of fun from this. 


Hanukkah is a time for food with the family but after eight nights, you might want to take some pressure off the host family.

Here  are 12 individually wrapped Hanukkah themed cupcakes. Each cupcake is popping with color and flavor in the traditional colors of blue and white.


Decorate your wrists for Hanukkah with these coil bracelets! Wear a few on each arm, or stack all five together. 

The set includes five coil bracelets  including one with a Star of David charm and one with a dreidel charm. 


Headbands have just got more luxurious. If you know a lady that likes to add some more sparkle to occasions, this headband is a must-gift. 

It’s made from soft velvet, embellished with 14k gold plated dreidel charms and comes with a protective pouch for storage. 


If you can’t be with someone but want to spread the festivities out, or if you know a real foodie, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

Each night, the lucky recipients open a new part of the artfully constructed container to reveal a delectable treat. These include delicious dried fruit, rich rugelach, indulgent brownies and blondies, gelt coins, tasty chocolate-covered pretzels, and more.


Do you have a friend or family member that is hard to buy for? Allow them to choose their own gift.

This is better than just gifting cash as the box shows you put some effort in and they can reuse the box afterwards. 


Looking for a gift to occupy a young child?

Kids love popping and unpopping fidget toys and the blue and white Hanukkah themed one is ideal for this time of year.

For less than $8, it will keep kids entertained and quiet so you can have some adult conversations. 


Holidays are a time for making memories and this camera allows you to capture them. It also allows you to share the moment as you can print them out immediately and gift them to all celebrating.



 Leah Koenig’s global-minded Jewish Cookbook will make a cherished Hanukkah gift for years to come.

It includes more than 400 recipes including some from famous chefs like Yotom Ottolenghi.  Expect traditional classics as well as twists such as pumpkin challah and sourdough kugel.


This stainless steel flask with attached screw top lid is both durable and discreet.

Slip it into your pocket for use at parties and weddings or take it on hikes and camping trips.

The Get Lit design will make everyone smile when they see it. 



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