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Best Indicator For Crypto Trading

If you have been using trading signals, but you want to graduate to technical analysis, you will encounter plenty of challenges on the way. Firstly, the language used in technical analysis is unique. It contains plenty of jargon which you will need to master. But if you are versed in either forex or stocks, you may not have a problem.

Also, there are plenty of indicators you may need to use to excel in trading cryptos. The Best Indicator for Crypto Trading will warn you when a trend is coming to an end and when a new trend is starting.

Indicators refer to technical analysis tools that can help traders identify overbought and overbought assets, whose price trend is bound to reverse.

They are regular technical analysis trading tools that traders use to determine how an asset price will move.  Notice that as asset experiences extended price movements upwards, markets often view this as a signal that the asset is overbought. Therefore, by collating dating points and determining probabilities, traders can make informed decisions about the asset.

Also, by using multiple indicators, the savvy trader is ready to interpret the market sentiment to help them maximize gains and minimize losses.

Indicators will show you when the market is gathering steam to prepare a trader to take advantage of the volatility. However, singling out the right indicators to use may not be a walk in the park. Below are some of the most useful indicators:


It is one of the indicators that is best known to warn traders to prepare for shifts in momentum in the market. When an asset RSI is above 70 or below 30, it could be a case of an overbought or oversold asset. So, the trader needs to be warned to prepare to take appropriate action before it is too late.

RSI means relative strength indicator. When it is above 70, it implies that the price of the asset is too high. And when it is below 30, it indicates that the price is too low.

Bollinger Bands

They could be green or red lines that form a protection band. The band could be formed on either side of the black line. When the asset prices move towards the top band, it tells you that the prices are too high and must come down. Similarly, when the prices move towards the lower band, it tells you that the prices are too low.

When the band moves closer to each other, it is a sign of low volatility, but when they move wider and far apart, it is a case of a very volatile market. An asset that moves past the upper band frequently signals that it is an overbought asset, while a price that moves past the lower band often indicates that the asset is oversold.

Fibonacci Retracement

It is another indicator that helps to predict the possible resistance and support levels of an asset. The indicator is derived from the sum of any preceding numbers. Each subsequent sum is 1.618 greater than the sum that came before it. Thus, it results in a constant referred to as the golden ratio or Phi.

The ratio is common and can be found in almost everything that mother nature provides. So, it is extended to crypto trading.  As such, combining this knowledge with that of the swing low and swing high, you should be able to locate the next support or resistance level accurately.

The swing candle at the peak of a trend will have a lower high, while a low swing candle has a higher low. These are critical points that can be used to trace the Fibonacci retracement.

The indicator may be used to forecast how far an asset may move from the current price. The retracement could be a dip (short time) which helps a trader identify a support and resistance level. So, it is one of the tools that traders may use to determine appropriate stop losses and open and close positions.