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Best Payment Gateway Providers in 2022

If you have ever heard about payment gateway, then some questions related to it must be coming to your mind, what is a payment gateway and how does it work? And also how is the payment gateway made?

If you have ever bought any product through any e-commerce site, then you will know that you have to pay online only. At the same time, you will also have been provided with a variety of options for making payments such as MasterCard, GPay, etc. will be included.

We will tell you that Payment Gateway is considered an online payment service provider, with which you can make online payments with buyers or sellers in multiple currencies. Use Bitcoin Digital when selecting a crypto trading platform and rest assured that your information is not being fed to any third parties.


PayPal is considered to be the trusted and best for payment. This is an online payment gateway provider, which facilitates you to easily pay for the services you sell or buy.

Top Features:

  • Its first feature is that you can pay for millions of online stores.
  • Its special feature is that you can also pay using cryptocurrency, not only that but you can also send money to your loved ones without any hassle.
  • In this, sellers can also pay by scanning through QR codes, which is very useful.
  • With the help of PayPal, you can buy anything you want anytime and anywhere.
  • It can prove to be very reliable and beneficial for all.


Advanced feature for receiving payments. Stripe is a reliable payment solution along with its popularity. It is very beneficial for every trader as it provides powerful APIs for every type of business and much more that stands out.

Top Features: Its special features are that it offers advanced fraud detection tools. It is used to generate and send invoices and not only that, but it also supports 135+ currencies with many local payment methods. It keeps the data secure as well as encrypted.


Payline is best known for its affordable pricing as it provides payment processing and solutions tailored to your individual needs. Simply put, it makes your checkout process very easy and gives you convenience.

Top Features: Simplifies refunds, transactions, receipt sending, and easy checkout tools. It is powered by and Invoices are very easy to send online payment tools are considered the easiest to use.

We Paid

WePay is a company of Chase Bank, it provides a powerful platform as it enables one-stop payment. Also, it is capable of processing and managing payments to cash.

Top Features: If you or any merchant has an account with Chase Bank, then there is a very important plan for you, with which you can get a same-day deposit at no extra cost.

Amazon Pay

Best considered for easy checkout. AmazonPay is considered to be the most loved because it connects millions of customers with it i.e., the doors are open for all the customers to make purchases. The customers are very happy with the services offered by AmazonPay.

Top Features: This is the most important contribution for the customers because the payments made by it can be done without creating a new account or without giving the details of the card, which is very much liked by the customers.


In the end, if you also have an online store, then you too can find new customers for yourself and you will not need to search for it. In this, you have to give many options to make payment which attracts the customers. This way you can eliminate the chances of customers leaving the cart and maximize your sales.