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Best Reasons for Seeking Psychological Help

Has someone in your life suggested at any point that you seek the help of a professional psychologist in Melbourne?

At the time, what was your first reaction to that? Were you angry with your friend for even suggesting something like that? Or did it make you reflect on why it might be that they even made this suggestion?

In fact, there are many good reasons that more of us should be seeking help from mental health and psychological professionals.

Perhaps it’s because of social stigmas, or our own personal fears that you don’t, but you cannot lose sight of the many good reasons that exist for you to reach out and get the help that you need:

You’ve Been Fighting Addiction Your Whole Life

Addiction often stalks people through life like a predator. We use the word ‘predator’ advisedly because it can remain with you, out of sight for years at a time, only to rear its ugly head when you hit moments of weakness and vulnerability.

That’s when, like the hunting predator, it will make its move and find its way back into your life.

Beating addiction for good is possible, but for many people, there is a seemingly endless cycle of abuse and recovery, abuse and recovery.

Sometimes, the cycles persist because one has not properly confronted the specific underlying mental health issues that act as the foundation of the problem. A psychologist is someone who can help with that aspect.

Our Decisions Are Straining Our Professional and Personal Relationships

When the decisions we make in our lives are starting to negatively impact our relationships with family and friends, not to mention with our colleagues and bosses, then it’s a clear sign that we would benefit from a greater helping hand.

An angry part of us might even blame those loved ones and others for the negative feelings they have towards us, but it’s at that moment when we have to reflect more strongly on what we have done.

The guiding hand of a psychologist can be very helpful in that reflection.

Fear and Anxiety Occupy More and More of Your Day

A bit of worry here and it is quite normal. We all have things to worry about in life. But when you really think about it, how much of your day is taken up with stressed thoughts and anxious ponderings?

Do you find yourself sitting at your work desk worrying about matters at home? Do you then spend hours in bed awake and worrying about your professional life?

The more of your day that is occupied by anxiety and stress, the more you’d benefit from seeing a psychologist who can help you solve the underlying problems that lead to all this worry.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Felt Content and Happy

Do you ever look back on old photos of yourself and think how happy you looked then compared to how you feel right now? Do you even remember the last time you felt really happy and content with your life?

Smiling or laughing for a moment doesn’t really cut it in this case. When were you last able to just stop and think to yourself: “I am happy, and I have everything that I both need and want at this time in life”?

If it was a long time, then you might need to reach out and talk about why that is. No one feels happy every hour of every day, but if you’re struggling to remember the last time you felt really happy, then something is definitely wrong.