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Best Reflex Sight VS. Holographic Sight: What’s the Difference?

Reflex and holographic sights are widely used throughout the globe as they illuminate your field of view and help with faster sight acquisition. If you are new to guns and gears, you might be curious about what they are and their unique differences.

Thus, this article will introduce the best reflex sight and holographic sight, together with the differences between them, to help you make a better choice between them. And finally, the best place to purchase the best reflex sight and holographic sight will be recommended to you.

Best Reflex Sight VS. Holographic Sight: What Are They?

The Reflex Sight: For people who want to use it in war games, the reflex sight is an optic that allows you to gaze through a partially mirrored glass element and get a clear illuminated view of your target. The reflex sight operates by projecting an LED dot towards the lens, reflected back to your eyes.

This optoelectronic aiming aid works for both long and short weapons. Most reflex sights come with compact and lightweight designs, affordable prices, long battery lives, and other characteristics that make them popular worldwide.

The Holographic Sight: Holographic sights involve a laser-transmitted hologram of a reticle passed through a series of lenses. In this case, the laser transmits the reticle, which is very energy-intensive, instead of a simple LED in reflex sights. It offers fast sight acquisition along with an improved field of view.

Best Reflex Sight VS. Holographic Sight: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between reflex sights and holographic sights is their projection systems. In this section, we will be discussing reflex vs. holographic sights.

Magnification – On the one hand, the best reflex sight offers target magnification when zooming in the target, and the red dot size also moves accordingly, which may inadvertently cover the aiming point. On the other hand, the holographic target magnification allows the target to appear closer while the aiming circle remains the same.

Views – The reflex and holographic sights use different views based upon the versatility and nature of both sights. For the sake of your information, the holographic sights offer more color when compared to the best reflex sights.


Targeting Accuracy – Generally speaking, the targeting accuracy of holographic sights is superior to reflex sights. However, if you want to use sights in war games or airsoft games, the compact and simple design of the best reflex sight can bring you more benefits with the general field of view.

Pocket Friendliness – Keep in mind that you have to pay a little more for holographic sights compared to reflex sights. Consequently, the reflex sights are capable of fulfilling most of your rifle needs while being affordable in your pocket.

The Best Place to Buy Them

As aforementioned, both sights have benefits and drawbacks, and you should buy them according to your own needs. If you want to use an optic in your war games, it would be helpful to choose the best reflex sight, which is lower-priced, longer using time, easier to install, and convenient to use than holographic sights.

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