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Best Solution to the Problem of HEIC Files Not Opening In Photoshop

Photographers and iPhone users are well-aware of the importance of device storage space. Even if the storage space on your iPhone is quite good, it is not unlimited. To resolve this issue Apple unveiled a new file format called HEIC. It is designed to use less space without hampering the HD image quality.

Why HEIC files don’t open on the Photoshop app?

HEIC means High-Efficiency Image File and is a container format designed to compress photos to save space. The file format is not noticeable on the images, but you can come across technical issues while transferring them to your computer for editing. Many graphic designers use HEIC to JPG converter software as a workaround to deal with this issue,

Photoshop is the preferred photo editing app that people and professionals use to retouch or edit photos. HEIC format introduced by Apple is currently good only on iOS devices. Even if the Photoshop app opens the majority of image format, HEIC files are not supported.

When you try to open the HEIC file in Photoshop it looks grey, which means you cannot open it directly. The app cannot recognize the image format and is unable to open it. However, things will certainly change in the advanced Photoshop app versions, but until then you will need a HEIC specific converter. There are several HEIC converters available that can help you make the file format compatible with the Photoshop app. One of the best ones is reaConverter.

Convert HEIC to other file formats for use on Photoshop

Download the app and install it. No technical skills are necessary to install the reaConverter software. Load the HEIC files you desire to convert or drag & drop the file directly into the window. Choose the saving option and if you desire apply extra editing to the photos ready for conversion.

Choose the output format because Photoshop supports myriads of formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc. You can choose JPG format for photo editing on the Photoshop app. Click on the start button and the conversion starts.

Download the converted files on your computer and then you are all prepared with a JPG format for editing on Photoshop.

HEIC versus JPG format

Since the 90s, the JPG format is around and is compatible with the majority of platforms. HEIC format is still in its initial stage and uses advanced compression technology. It has replaced JPG in iPhone’s photo capture format by default. Apple has offered strong reasons to embrace the HEIC format.

  • Space-saving – HEIC compresses 40% to 50% of images in comparison to JPG. It means you can store double the amount of photos in the same space.
  • Image quality – Even if HEIC compresses twice the size, in terms of visual quality it matches JPG. You cannot notice the difference when you place an HEC and JPG photo side by side.
  • Technically superior – Technically speaking HEIC format is superior because the dynamic range is extended, enhanced shadow details, mid-tones & highlights, 16-bit color, transparency, and in-depth information.

The only drawback is compatibility. Even though Apple has resolved compatibility issues on its iPhone there are still devices and platforms that don’t support HEIC format. Fortunately, the reaConverter HEIC to JPG converter app is helpful to convert a batch of photos at once!

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