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Best Top-Laners in the Latest League of Legends Patch

A lot of gamers tend to miss out on the role played by top lane in the League of Legends. Move apart and left towards 1v1 till the game is destined to move in some other direction. Many times the most well known top laners are unable in creating an impact in the single queue. However, the gamers can also climb on Patch 10.13 using the top lane by following one amongst the champion counter picks mentioned below in this article. The gamers just need to concentrate, follow the rules, make it up to their lane match and expand their lead throughout the map with some snowball-heavy gangsters. To know more about the best top laners in the Patch of the latest league of legends, read this article further.

  1. Volibear

With a winning rate of 50.63%, a ban rate of 22.4% and a pick rate of 9.8% Volibear is one of the most successful redos from the championship team of League of Legends since they have newly given life to a lacking character. As of now, he is not just a fearsome champion in terms of his visualization. Apart from it, he is also a great competitor in a single queue and advanced play. The fact is that it is surely going to take you a handful of games to be played for becoming well acquainted with the all-new kit of Volibear. But, as soon as you are known to the things you can start team battles easily and make use of his protective stats and disastrous The Relentless Storm-Passive. If you choose to land a Sky Splitter on several rival champions then it could lead you to a team battle.

  1. Jax

Jax has a win rate of 50.41%, a pickup rate of 8.9%, and banning rate of 9.5%. He is known to be the only one who can offer the highest when it comes to ruling and scaling. Highly skilled at both diving the rival backline as well as split pushing, this grandmaster is the ideal champion amongst the top laners who wish to have better command in the game other than depending upon other members of the team.

  1. Darius 

Having a win rate of 50.29%, ban rate of 46.0%, and a pick rate of 9.2% Darius undeniably is the topper of the list of top laners in terms of win rate, ban rate and pick rate. Darius is considered powerful because of a lot of reasons, some of which are the outstanding healing of Decimate, the simple gang setup prepared from apprehension, and the command on team battle offered.

  1. Fiora 

Fiora comes up with a win rate of 50.20%, a 10.5% ban rate, and a pick rate of 6.5%. For the gamers who like doubling their opponent on the lane and get the massive potential of outplaying for the rift, there can be no better choice than Fiora. Alike Jax, Fiora also has so much to offer throughout the game. The players just need to be patient enough all along the process of lane making.

Thus, the names mentioned above in the post are some of the popular top laners of the latest patch of the league of legends game. You can try all of these top laners for a brand new and happening gaming experience.


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