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Best White Label Software for Resellers in 2020

White label software and services have paved the way into a new era of digital marketing. With their utility and cost-effectiveness, resellers have expanded their businesses and made huge profits.

White label SaaS software are those that a company can rebrand and resell at their own set prices to clients. The vendor sells these software solutions and platforms to the resellers, following which the reselling agency uses them under its own brand name.

If you are a software reseller, you must be aware of the immense cost, time, and effort that developing a new software takes. To save yourself the combined burden of creating and marketing a new product, you can seek the help of a white label agency.

White label software can be sold to clients, as well as used to increase the profits and optimize the workflow of your own business. You can avail all required services under one roof, rather than dealing with multiple companies. This guarantees a great return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of Using White Label Software

White label software comes with its own set of benefits for small-scale businesses.

  • Improved quality of service: You get high-quality service from experts instead of hiring new people to do the tasks and risking sub-par work.
  • Higher profit margins and greater functionality: You gain the ability to offer a variety of services under the same roof, thus increasing functionality and profit margins.
  • Decreased expenditure: You can save on overhead prices and get a bunch of relevant work done through one software or service, thus decreasing company expenditure.
  • Increased revenue per client and client lifetime value: By automating some tasks and rebranding some software, you create a one-stop solution for clients. This makes them stick to you longer and increases the revenue stream between you and them.
  • Easy to scale business: You can quickly add new services to the company portfolio and scale your business easily with white label SaaS services.
  • Customized solutions: White label software lets you customize your solutions for each client, depending on their requirements and preferences.

Top 6 Best White Label Software for Resellers

As a reseller, you might find it confusing to choose the right white label software for your business. Here, we bring to you the six best white label software options that resellers can opt for in 2020.

1. Vendasta

This white-label software company has a whole range of digital solutions that partners can buy and rebrand for their clients. It makes use of a business name and phone number to create a report of the business’ local marketing footprint. Then, it creates a hot lead when the business shows interest.

Vendasta’s marketplace platform supports numerous digital marketing and automation tools, along with SEO intelligence, CRM, and a client portal. All this can be accessed with a single login. You can automate your marketing tasks, create snapshot reports, and access assessment tools with this software.

The solutions offered by this white label developer also includes websites, research marketing, online reputation management tools, and social media management tools. You can also customize the screen or dashboard according to your needs.

2. Kaltura

Kaltura is one of the best white label video platforms in the market. It is open-source, flexible, and collaborative to integrate your business needs. It helps to make media accessible to all at a very low price. You can create and manage videos, images, and lots more with this software.

Kaltura’s platform allows publishers to customize and enhance their websites in a few very simple steps. You can use their rich media to revamp your websites and establish custom workflows. Its products work in the fields of video creation and publishing, ingestion, monetization, syndication, and analysis, etc.

Some of its features are:

  • Video transcoding and processing
  • Upload and ingestion
  • Lecture capture and webcasting
  • Video analytics and security
  • Video editing and live streaming

3. SocialPilot

If social media management is your concern, this is one of the best white label software for you. This management tool is flexible and user-friendly and takes care of all your social media management needs. You can customize it to reflect your needs and priorities.

SocialPilot lets you rebrand its entire software and color scheme to suit your brand’s look. It also contains an analytics dashboard that provides insights into your campaign’s performance. Although it is nominally priced, you can opt for a 14-day trial period.

The features of SocialPilot include bulk scheduling, single social inbox, API integration, access control and security, social media calendar, email integration, and personalization, etc.

4. Moosend

This white label software offers email marketing services. It offers a Server Message Block (SMB) system for clients who need to manage multiple accounts and sub-accounts on the same dashboard.

If you are an email marketer looking to make your tasks more organized, you can rebrand this software and use it for your own benefit. Some of Moosend’s features are:

  • Email campaign editor with a drag-and-drop feature
  • Customizable and advanced dashboard
  • Add personal Markups
  • Administrative panel with multiple client management
  • Analytics in real-time

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a well-known white label marketing automation tool that offers a complete CRM suite for businesses. It allows you to automate your marketing processes and customize the experience through their Enterprise plan.

This software also has resellers that add to its range of services with its own offerings. They are known as Value Added Resellers (VAR), and they provide extremely useful marketing solutions.

You can add analytics functions, training and service options, as well as customizable features under one umbrella at a very low price. Similarly, you can change the branding and pricing options and resell it as your own automation tool.

6. White Shark Media

This American agency has achieved a lot of growth in recent times and is now tied up with several agencies, businesses, and experts. It offers a range of digital marketing services, such as search engine marketing and PPC advertising.

Most of its services can be used as white label software if you want to integrate them under your own brand and offer it to your clients. With a few easy steps, you can expand your business portfolio and client base.

White Shark Media also offers to deal with a significant number of marketing steps, including client communication. All you have to do is concentrate on your core functionality and close the sale. It ensures quick business scaling and revenue growth in enterprises of all sizes.


White label services offer great opportunities to small-scale and fast-growing companies who are looking for experts to handle their marketing operations. These companies, and many more, offer expert marketing solutions that can boost businesses at a very low cost. Try them out and watch your company grow by leaps and bounds!