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Best Workout Apps

If you want to get fit without spending a lot of time to get to the fitness center, then apps are the best solution.

Moreover, in a pandemic, due to the lack of movement, a lot of people went out of shape. What to do when you don’t go to the gym and can’t even go for a run? Of course, use the advantages of modern technologies. With them you can get back in shape at home – or get your coursework done while you exercise.

Why Fitness Apps Are Effective

With the best trainers and smart personalized technology, a home workout can be effective as a gym one. Of course only if you are not lazy!

From strength training to cardio, from crossfit to stretching, you can find it all on your device. There are separate apps for each item individually and also all them together. Home sports and fitness apps are also popular for another reason. They offer intense one-to-one workouts without a trip to the gym, making it very easy to fit a workout into your schedule.

Many apps also can work with heart rate monitors and fitness trackers. It is helpful to accumulate your personal achievements in training.

Plus, if you don’t have time to actually exercise, try reevaluating your chores. You can read a book later – or delegate your homework, for example. The service will gladly help you to free your schedule.

How To Choose A Workout Planner App

But with such variety, it can be difficult to know which apps are worth downloading. And also – which ones will actually work for you. Provided here selection of apps meets a wide range of needs. Some are great for people who are already athletic. Others are better for those just starting out in sports.

Choose apps based on your fitness level, workout preferences and goals. Also always pay attention to the reviews. And some apps ask for in-app purchases. If you avoid that, it’s better to know in advance.

Best Health And Fitness Apps

Pro Fit

Pro Fit intention is to replace the personal fitness trainer.  The developers promise more than 350 “effective exercises” and their detailed descriptions. The app also has photo and video guidance on how to perform them, and a visualization of the muscles involved in the exercise. Besides, it has a built-in training log, timer, calendar and the ability to track your progress. Immediately after launch, the application prompts you to choose where you will train – at home or in the gym. Pro Fit then determines the goal of your exercise and prompts you to enter your personal information: gender, age, weight and height. It is necessary to state which muscle groups, in your opinion, lag behind the rest. The app builds your exercise according to this info. Unfortunately, the subscription is not free, but it is totally worth it.

30 Days

A really simple and quite effective app. The “30 days” app develops a training program for you for 30 days. For example, let’s say you decide to start keeping the bar in the morning. On the first day, you do this exercise as much as you can. Then this application makes a program for a month, gradually increasing the load. It is completely free and you can set various goals for yourself.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app has over 180 exercises in various categories: yoga, strength training, etc.

The programs in the app are great too. For example, you can create a 4 week fitness program based on your personal goals. Whether you want to get leaner, tone up, or get stronger. You can choose your preferences, add your level of experience. Nike Training takes care of the rest, choosing a variety of workouts that really fit. Workout with your own weight at home or a full workout in the gym, from quick sessions to 45 minutes. Added bonus: Content from Nike athletes and personalities. For example, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, and Serena Williams. It is also free!

Unagrande YogaClub

Unagrande YogaClub is like a personal yoga instructor. The app supports Apple Health. It contains video tutorials, meditation techniques, and exercises to boost immunity and health. Unagrande has a scoring system that takes into account the success in the exercises. The application has a convenient interface, many different programs and tutorials.  It explains in detail how exercises affect the body. Also it makes possible to include suitable audio tracks with a recording of a noisy forest or sea breeze.

A paid subscription assumes getting extra programs and disabling ads.


8fit’s goal is to provide a comprehensive yet simple fitness app that takes care of all the details for you. You don’t have to count calories yourself, or read websites to get all the latest information on hip stretches, or anything like that. ITplans your exercises, as well as meals that will go with them. You can just pull out your phone, look at it and do what he says on the screen. This app focuses on CrossFit. It is a high intensity interval training workout that alternates with intense exercise to keep your heart rate up. 8fit not only makes CrossFit exercises more accessible, but also offers nutritional advice to boost your results.