Bills and Jets fight in the tunnel as tension spills over after Dion Dawkins and Michael Clemons clash during Buffalo’s blowout win in heated rivalry game

  • The duo first had a dust up after Dawkins hit Clemons late after the whistle blew 
  • They then got into a second skirmish on the walk back to the locker rooms 
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Following the Buffalo Bills’ 32-6 demolition of the AFC East rival New York Jets, the bad blood on the field nearly transferred into the locker room between two players.

Early during the game’s fourth quarter Jets defensive end Michael Clemons and Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins got into a post-play altercation that ended up with Clemons sending Dawkins flying and rolling several yards.

Dawkins had hit Clemons late on the play and drove him into the ground, which led to Clemons retaliating by tossing the 320-pound Dawkins.

The Bills OT then tried to roll over and flop on his back in an effort to draw a penalty flag but was penalized for unnecessary roughness due to his initial hit on Clemons.

The duo also exchanged words several times throughout the fourth quarter before the tension led to a near fight as the two teams walked to the locker room after the game. 

Jets DE Michael Clemons

Dion Dawkins and Michael Clemons were involved in fights both on and off the field Sunday

The two players were originally involved in a skirmish during the fourth quarter of the game

The two players were originally involved in a skirmish during the fourth quarter of the game

The two players were then involved in an altercation while walking to the locker room

The players had to be separated once again following the incident

Dawkins and Clemons were then involved in another skirmish while walking to the lockers

Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver was also said to be involved in the post-game incident. 

‘I’m not a fan of the Jets,’ Dawkins said after the game. ‘Very disrespectful players.’ 

Following the incident Clemons ‘needed to be calmed down’ according to several reports and left the locker room when he was asked about the altercation.

‘It’s fun anytime we’re out there, it’s getting a little chippy,’ Bills tight end Dalton Kincaid said when asked about the animosity between the Bills and Jets during the game. 

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