Bitcoin – Intro, Working, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, or you can call it cryptocurrency, which was started back in 2008. It’s been a decade to bitcoin since the arrival, and it harnessed hype all around the world. People started investing a couple of months ago and earned great profits with an increase in market value. It is one of the types among other cryptocurrencies, and it is acceptable for payment in several countries around the globe.

Many shops, businesses, and service providers are accepting bitcoin as a payment method. The huge demand is that it is considered the safest option, no control of the government, easy to transfer option, and many more factors. The mining process is used in the manufacturing of encryption, or you can call it sums of unique logits. These encryption store files which have all the details.

A quick look at Bitcoin Working

A bitcoin is a digital currency, and it is stored as a computer file in the Digital Wallet. These files are easy to access using passwords, and you can access it with a smartphone or computer. Sending bitcoin or part of one to someone’s digital wallet is easy. You need the sending address just like your home address, and then it will be transferred quickly. Knowing that there is no government control might make you feel that there will be transaction detail, or no one will know about it. But you are slightly wrong here. The fact that bitcoin operates through typical encryptions, all the transactions are recorded in the public list. It is called a blockchain. Tracing down the history of bitcoin reduces fraudulency you can see here.

There are online portals that provide you digital wallets to store any kind of cryptocurrency. Due to the higher demand for bitcoin, this currency option is offered by most digital platforms. You can get bitcoin or a part of it for real money. The other methods to get bitcoin is selling something and accepting payment in bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin varies based on the demand, and there is no single entity to have control of bitcoin to ensure that you are spending money on something safe. Creating bitcoin through a computer is possible, but it can cost you lots of hard work, plenty of years and money at the same time. So, mining is a completely different topic to explore after learning about Bitcoin’s working and use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Bitcoin

As if you have decided that you want to invest in bitcoin, you can find many mediators who can help. But before investing, learning about the good and bad side of this digital currency will keep you safe. Taking the right decision seems easier.

Advantages – 

  • Complete user autonomy is the primary advantage that you can expect. Users get complete control over their money, and there is no intermediate community to interrupt like banks or government.
  • Users get the discretion, and it is almost impossible to trace down the user after having a transaction unless the user discloses the transaction itself. The anonymous nature of the transaction makes it safe for international transactions.
  • Making international transactions using a peer-to-peer connection is provides excellent comfort. There is no need for any approval from external sources, and the convenience rate seems adequate here.
  • While transaction money to a far land or different countries seems safe and easy, there are no transaction fees (minimal) or currency exchange interruption. With that said, users can store bitcoin and transactions without any safety flaws.
  • Accessibility provides better control, and the mobile payment method is also making it a highly convenient option.

Disadvantages –

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency, and transacting money on unauthorized websites leads to plenty of risks. There are lots of scammer and fraudsters to deal with.
  • Expert says that the black market community uses bitcoin, but it is not a topic of concern for a user.
  • Chances of getting replaced by another superior cryptocurrency in the future exist for all kind of digital currencies.


Bitcoin is highly in demand and seems like the sweet spot to invest some bucks. Some consider it as retirement money solution; some call it the money of scammers. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages pour light on all the topics and ensure that bitcoin will be a big thing in the future so learning about it and investing is not a bad deal.