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Bizarre moment man in deflating dinghy goes to war with ‘boat Karen’ after bizarre dispute

Bizarre moment man in a deflating dinghy goes to war with an enraged woman armed with a wooden oar after dispute by a boat ramp

  • A boat-ramp bust-up has been caught on film near Auckland, New Zealand 
  • A man in inflatable dinghy rams larger boat with an oar-welding woman aboard 
  • The dinghy then promptly sinks while a person can be seen swinging oar at man  

An afternoon on the water resulted in a bizarre boat-rage incident in which a man sunk his own dinghy while ramming another boat with an oar-wielding woman on board. 

The two vessels were on the water in Tairua near Auckland, New Zealand when they became involved in the boat ramp bust-up on Saturday.   

The clip shows the middle-aged man in the dinghy screaming at the woman on the larger boat that she caused damage to his vessel – before speeding away and turning around to ram them. 

A person can be seen swinging an oar at the man (pictured) as his inflatable dinghy sinks 

Police and the local harbourmaster have both launched investigations after the video, filmed by someone on the larger boat surfaced online. 

‘You piece of s*** you’ve just caused $1000 of damage. You drive past my boat, you rock it if you’re not doing 5 knots,’ the enraged man yells. 

The man appears to be claiming the other boat had gone too fast passed his own dinghy resulting in damage. 

The woman, not backing down, grabs a large wooden oar as the dinghy driver speeds off. 

He can then be seen in the clip circling around and ramming the other boat. 

‘There are children on board,’ the woman yells. 

‘I don’t care,’ replies the man as his inflatable dinghy promptly deflates and sinks into the water. 

A person can be seen swinging a large oar towards the dinghy in the shallow water as the man attempts to remove the motor before it submerges. 

The dinghy driver yelling at the woman

The dinghy driver ramming the boat

The dinghy driver (pictured left) can be seen in the video yelling at the woman before speeding off and circling back to ram the boat (pictured right) 

The video has been shared to multiple social media sites including Facebook and TikTok. 

‘Was his boat not secure? Real nutter to ram the boat at the prop with an inflatable,’ one person said. 

‘I dont know what happened…but I think they both require Anger Management counseling,’ another said.

NZ Police have also reportedly received an assault complaint linked to the incident. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NZ Police and Maritime New Zealand for comment.