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Bizarre moment woman is caught using a pram to steal from a Super Cheap Auto

Bizarre moment a woman with a pram is accused of shoplifting by a worker who wrestles pusher from her: ‘You haven’t even got a baby in there’

  • Footage reveals moment woman is allegedly caught shoplifting at Sydney store
  • She appeared to have placed a box inside a decoy stroller covered with blanket 
  • Employee confronted the woman outside the store and threatened to call police
  • Woman threw the box onto the pavement before calling employee a ‘f***head’

A woman allegedly using an empty children’s stroller to shoplift from a store has been confronted by a fed-up shop assistant.

The bizarre footage captured outside a Super Cheap Auto in Sydney shows the woman tightly gripping her decoy pram, pretending there’s a baby inside. 

The employee is heard threatening to ‘call the cops’ if she doesn’t return the allegedly stolen items as the woman tries to move the stroller out of his reach. 

‘Let my baby go,’ she screams as the man takes hold of its handles and looks inside. 

A woman has been confronted by a frustrated employee after she allegedly used a decoy children’s stroller to steal from a Super Cheap Auto (pictured) 

‘You haven’t even got a baby in there,’ the man calmly replies. 

‘Don’t touch my baby,’ the woman screams again as the employee notices a box stowed inside the pram which has been craftily covered with a blanket. 

‘Oh there’s a box in there!’ the man cries in mock surprise. 

The woman then seemingly gives up on her ploy and tells the retail assistant he can have ‘the f***ing motor’.

She pushes a large cardboard box out of the pram and onto the pavement for the man to collect before finally calling him a ‘f***head’. 

In footage of the altercation a large cardboard box falls from the woman's pram onto the pavement (pictured)

In footage of the altercation a large cardboard box falls from the woman’s pram onto the pavement (pictured)

Dozens of social media users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts. 

‘Leave my baby alone. Out thumps a brake disc. F***ing howler,’ one said. 

‘No baby in there,’ another commented. 

‘Ahhh the ol’ cover the baby in the pram routine,’ a third said.