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Black Mirror co-creator Charlie Brooker admits staff had ‘heated debates’ over Bandersnatch endings

Stefan creates a terrible game

Early on in the game Stefan is offered a job at gaming company Tuckersoft, if you let him accept then game-making genius Colin Ritman will tell him it’s ‘the wrong path’. Viewers will then come across a very abrupt ending, as Stefan’s rushed version of Bandersnatch is given a 0 star rating, before the show prompts you to start again.

Stefan dies before he finishes making the game

When Stefan’s dad takes him to see Dr. Haynes you’ll be given the option to follow Colin instead of visiting her. If you choose to do this, you’ll be taken to Colin’s house where he offers Stefan drugs and tells him about his theories about parallel realities and a government control programme. To prove his point, Colin suggests that either he or Stefan should jump off the balcony. If you let Stefan jump, then Bandersnatch will be released unfinished following his death, and it’ll be given a 0 star rating.

It’s all a Government conspiracy

In another split from the story, Stefan breaks into his dad’s locked office which has a large safe inside it. If you type in the code PAC then the safe will open, and inside there will be documents and video footage proving that Stefan has been monitored all his life by his ‘father’ and his trauma surrounding the death of his mother was actually set up. In this timeline Stefan will kill his father, not by viewers choice. He’ll get caught, but Bandersnatch will earn a 2.5 rating.

The one where Stefan kills his dad

Although Stefan will not have a choice on whether or not he should kill his dad, there are multiple variants with this option. If you choose to bury him then Stefan will get caught and sent to prison before he is able to release the game, and Tuckersoft goes bust. Before getting caught, Stefan could also potentially kill Colin or Tucker depending on whether you choose to tell Tucker if Bandersnatch can be delivered on time or not. As a bonus, if viewers didn’t choose to let Colin jump from the balcony then he will appear in a television interview after Stefan’s imprisonment, where it is later revealed he was arrested for possession of Narcotics.

The Pearl Ritman ending 

If viewers choose to chop up his dad’s body then he will be given enough time to finish Bandersnatch, and it will be given a 5 star rating upon release. But, it will then be revealed that Stefan was caught and imprisoned for murder and the game was quickly removed from shelves. In the future, Colin’s daughter Pearl will then try to recreate the game using Stefan’s notes and a copy of the game. She won’t succeed though, as viewers are given the chance to choose whether she pours tea over her computer or destroys it. 

Stefan discovers that he’s being controlled by Netflix viewers

At one point in the story, Stefan will beg viewers to give him a sign to show that they’re controlling him. If you choose to tell Stefan you’re watching him on Netflix then he will get confused by the news. In his distress, his dad will take him to see Dr. Haynes, and he will confess to her what he’s discovered. She will make the point that surely viewers would want something more entertaining, before Stefan throws tea in her face and she takes out weapons, goading him to fight her. If you choose to let Stefan fight then the pair will engage in an intense battle before Stefan’s father joins in and drags him away. But, if you choose to make him jump out of the window then the camera will pull away and show that Stefan is in fact an actor on a film set, though he has come to believe he is in fact his character.

Stefan chooses to go with his mother on the 8.45 train

Early on viewers will learn that Stefan is traumatised by his mother’s death on a derailed train, as he believes he caused her to delay by failing to find his pet rabbit that his dad had stolen from him. In the original flashback, young Stefan will tell his mum that he doesn’t want to go with her, but later Stefan will be able to go back in time and find the rabbit. The next morning his mum will ask him if he wants to join her. Viewers will then be given the option to accept, and if you do then Stefan will die on the train with her. The story will then flash forward and will show the current day iteration of the character lying dead in a chair in his doctor’s office.

The downloadable game Easter Egg

At the end of the credits there is an extra scene in which rather than listen to the two cassette tapes he has in the film, he will have a tape with the word ‘Bandersnatch’ written on it. Viewers will then hear strange noises, but some fans have figured out that it actually leads to a secret link on the Tuckersoft website, where they will have the chance to play Colin’s game, Nohzdyve.

The Jerome F. Davis Easter Egg

This is the rarest scene of all, as there is a short cameo of the author of Bandersnatch Jerome F. Davis. According to The Hollywood Reporter, you can see the cameo if you choose to ‘pick up the family photo’ twice as it will prompt Stefan to be visited by the author in a dream.