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Blackjack Odds 101: How Beginners Can Win at It

Let’s put it simply. To increase your Blackjack odds, you will need to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. We know it does sound basic, but a key to Blackjack for beginners is understanding the odds and the basic strategy of when to draw another card and when not to.

We’ve heard it dozens of times – Blackjack is one of the casino games with the best odds. But what does that actually mean?

In a nutshell, Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games when played correctly.

Here we’re emphasizing played correctly.

You are in charge of the decision that reduces the house edge. Yet, in order for those odds to fall in your favour, you need to understand Blackjack odds and chances.

But worry not. It doesn’t mean you need a rocket scientist for that. Our small casino guide will emphasize the basic rules, strategies, and lingo so you can feel great gambling online or in a land-based casino.

Let’s start with the basics.

Why Does Blackjack Strategy Matters?

Money management is the gist of any casino game strategy, especially to Blackjack. A correct “bankroll management” is important when you play- regardless of the blackjack strategy, you apply to your game.

Knowing how to bet or how much to bet when you want to understand how to play live Blackjack at an online casino is extremely important.

Having all the basics covered means you can move into the basic black strategy and learn how you are supposed to invest your finance once the dealer offers you the initial two cards.

Once the cards have reached you, and the dealer opens one of their cards, you are free to make your first choice. In a Blackjack game, that means you need to pick one of these options:

  • Stand Hit
  • Double
  • Split
  • Surrender

Believe it or not, the basic blackjack strategy is also considered to be the best way to discover how to win at Blackjack. Why? Because it relies entirely on logic.

No one would hit if their first two cards gave them 20 points nor if their starting hand was worth five points. While it may seem a lemon squeezy strategy, things get (a lot more) complicated with a different card on the table.

How does it affect the House edge?

Blackjack played with basic strategy has a house edge of only 0.5 per cent or lower. And that’s as good as it can get in a casino game. Another thing that might affect the house edge is the choices you make during a game.

Hit or stand, double do or split, take insurance or quit- are all yours to take.

Everything’s about the odds

Indeed, you can make the most of your choices by following basic Blackjack strategies and play the best casino promotions at these online casinos but it won’t remove the house edge entirely. That’s just how the game was meant to be. You can’t have even odds as the rules demand you play out your card first.

If the dealer plays their cards first, you could stand on 16 guilt-free, knowing that the dealer went bust. But if they don’t, 16 is not the smartest alternative to stand on. Not to mention that there are things such as House-or player-favourable rules that can increase or decrease the house edge.

For instance, the decks of the cards used.

For a single deck game, HouseHouse can have an edge of 0.04%. But besides single-deck games, it’s quite a rare situation. Typically, casinos use almost eight decks at a time, which can often confuse the card-counters. With every deck, the HouseHouse gets bigger odds. If you run out of patience you can always go back to online slots games. There are plenty and operators like Slotwolf casino offers the best casino bonuses in the industry so you don’t miss your favs.

For instance, for two decks used, the House gets a 0.42% advantage, while for eight decks, the House will get a 0.7% advantage.

What’s the probability of the dealer’s hands?

Understanding your dealer’s face-up cards is as important as knowing your own cards. It’s that simple. Knowing your dealer cards will give you a glimpse of whether he will have a strong or weak hand.

For instance, if the dealer shows a 2, their last hand will probably end up in a bust (35% chance), or they would stand on 17(14% chance).

How to read the table?

If the dealer has a “weak hand,” you can take advantage of situations.

For instance, if they have a 3 or 6, it’s most likely the dealer will bust. Yet, with most of your hands exceeding 12, it’s always the best to stand and wait until the dealer busts.

And pretty much the same way you can use Blackjack odds to foresee the dealer’s final movie, you can foresee your own.

More Important Tips:

Who doesn’t want to win at Blackjack every time we play? Yet, we are also aware that it’s impossible.

What is possible, however, is to increase your chances to win and get better winning chances when you play it. All you need is a few simple rules:

  • Avoid spending your money on “insurance”: The insurance bet is there only to confuse novice players. Even the best Blackjack strategies fail to point out that: no real blackjack enthusiast will ever spend money on insurance.
  • Play with the house edge in mind: Like in every other casino game, the house edge is what makes sure the operator has more advantage over the player.
  • Start with a budget and abide by that: Professional players know that you need to set a losing and winning before the first hand occurs. If you happen to win and hit your highest limit, collect your prize and leave the game.
  • Don’t overlook the rules sheet: All blackjack variations are based on the same core game – but involve rules that could break you if you aren’t prepared for them.

The advantage of playing Blackjack online is that the set rules are always showcased at the table. You can always tap on the “info: icon and read the rules.