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Blackjack Tips From Pros That You Should Follow

Blackjack is a very common casino table game. The rules of blackjack are very straightforward which makes it a great casino game for beginners to play. However, you must possess a certain level of knowledge and skill to play blackjack.

There are various professional blackjack tips you can use depending on your knowledge of the game. Knowing how to these tips and strategies will give you more insight into the game and increase your chances of winning.

Here are some expert tips players should know when playing blackjack.

Choose a favorable Seat Position

The first factor you should consider when playing a game of Blackjack is your seat position on the table. Your seat position often determines the order the cards are shared and how much influence you have in the game.

Have A Strategy in Mind

Unlike other casino games such as slots, blackjack isn’t purely a game of chance and employs the use of strategy charts. There are basic strategies as well as advanced strategies every player should know.  Before going to the table, know what strategy you intend to use and how you will play the cards in your hands.


The concept of basic strategy gives you various options to choose from when playing blackjack. You need to know when to split, hit, stand, double and surrender. The best scenario to make a spilt is when the dealer has a low-rank card. However, avoid splitting if the dealer has a face card or a 10. You stand a better chance of winning when the dealer has a lower card.

If you are in a situation where you have 10s, do not split your hand. At this point, there is a very low probability the dealer will be able to beat your card. For a dealer to beat you ‘she must have a hand of 21. Also, always choose to split a hand of two aces.

Splitting aces allow you to avoid a losing hand or going bust (exceeding the 21-point limit). Before splitting, always ensure that the dealer has a lower card than the cards you have in hand.

For instance, you can split a hand of two 7s if the dealer card-hand has a value of between 2 and 6. The idea is to have a higher hand than the dealer while also maintaining a total value below 21.

Avoid Insurance bets

An insurance bet option becomes available only when all the cards have been dealt and the dealer has an ace. It’s a side that involves half the value of your original wager.

Insurance is simply a bad bet which you shouldn’t consider. It naturally favors the house more and the chances of you winning a game only get slimmer. In most cases, you would end up losing your insurance bet alongside your original bet.

Never take insurance unless you are using counting cards and the true count is nothing less than 3.

Maintain your Cool

Losses often tend to leave players feeling disoriented and aggravated. This disorientation could lead to loss of concentration which in turn could cause you to make mistakes.  It would be best to leave the table as soon as you begin to feel frustrated and unenthusiastic to avoid conflict or unleashing

If frustration kicks in, you can always leave the table and return in a few minutes when you are more relaxed.

Set A Budget

Having a fixed budget will help you to stay disciplined and control your losses.

Also, refrain from increasing your wager to cover up for losses. Chasing losses isn’t a good idea which could lead to you losing your entire bankroll. This is why you must have a bet limit and stick to it.

Doubling down

Casinos allow players to double down on any card. This strategy is very effective in several situations. Similar to splitting, the best scenario to double down is when the dealer has a low card.

A simple tip to follow is to always double down on a 10 if the dealer’s card is below 10.

You get a higher chance of winning when the dealer’s card is low. Doubling down is an effective strategy pro-blackjack players regularly use to narrow down the house edge and defeat the house.


If your hand has a slim chance of winning, surrendering is a great move to help you last longer in the game.

You must note that not all casinos allow players to use this basic strategy, so look out for casinos that offer this option.

Surrendering is a pretty good option to consider while playing blackjack to minimize losses.


Blackjack is a pretty fun game to play. You can play online in many apps and websites and there are some that offer free blackjack for beginners. Remember to wage responsibly, though.

These blackjack pro tips will improve your chances of winning and take your game to the next level.