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Blaenport man 90 dies after being hit by car and body is left in road for six hours - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

Neighbours have claimed a 90-year-old widower’s body was left in the middle of a busy road for six hours after he was hit and killed by a car.

Barrie Taylor was on his way home from his daily visit to his wife Kath’s grave on Saturday afternoon when he was struck by a black Honda CRV.

Residents who live near the busy trunk road in Blaenporth, near Cardigan in Wales, claim his body was left in the road from 3pm to 9pm and have slammed emergency services’ behaviour as ‘disgusting’. 

Neighbour Mac Allen said: ‘The accident happened at around 3pm, but it must have been around 9pm before Barrie was finally moved.

‘Someone came out and put a blanket over him, but there are houses on both sides of the road so people could see everything.’

The pensioner is believed to have died instantly after being hit on the A487 in Blaenporth, leaving behind a ‘heartbroken’ community.

He is survived by two daughters, a step-son and a step-daughter.

Neighbours have slammed the emergency services claiming they left Barrie Taylor’s body in the road for six hours after he was hit and killed by a car in Blaenporth, Wales on Saturday 

Councillor Rosemarie Chaffers-Jones said: ‘The biggest shock was that the police just left poor Barrie lying in the road with just a blanket over him.

‘You’d have thought they’d have put up a screen or something – there was absolutely no respect. All of us are heartbroken.

‘Barrie had been to visit the grave of his late wife, as he did every day, when this terrible accident happened.

‘The driver of the car stopped at the scene and was apparently very upset.

‘He kept sobbing: ‘Why did he do it?’ over and over again.’

Mr Allen’s wife, June, said the amount of time it took emergency services to respond was ‘absolutely disgusting’.

She said: ‘We’re used to getting a very good service from Dyfed-Powys Police but they’ve let themselves down badly on this occasion – what on earth were they playing at?

‘Residents around here are used to PCSO Matt Kieboom looking after us but unfortunately he was off sick at the weekend.

‘Barrie was a very popular and cherished member of the community and for him to be left lying in the road like that for such a length of time is absolutely disgusting.’

The car was travelling north from Cardigan towards Tan-y-Groes when Mr Taylor was struck at 2.45pm. 

His family said in a statement: ‘We would like to thank everyone, especially the local community and neighbours for their help and support during this very difficult time.

‘Barrie was well known and well thought of in the community and will be missed by all.’

A year and a half ago Cllr Chaffers-Jones created a petition calling for traffic-calming measures following a fatality on the same stretch of road.

‘Barrie was struck within the 40mph speed zone which is sandwiched between 60 mph zones,’ she said.

‘Cars go screaming into the 40mph zone and come screaming out of it.

‘We’ve had cars flipping over and there isn’t even a bus stop for protection at the bottom end of the village.

‘Traffic whizzes through so fast that pedestrians really feel they’re taking their lives in their hands.’

Pictured: Barrie Taylor died after being hit by a car on the A487 in Blaenporth in Wales 

Pictured: Barrie Taylor died after being hit by a car on the A487 in Blaenporth in Wales 

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokesman said: ‘This is understandably a very difficult and upsetting time for the family and the local community.

‘Due to the nature of this tragic incident, it was vitally important that the scene was preserved whilst specialist officers conducted a thorough investigation in an attempt to establish the facts of the collision.

‘Officers preserved the dignity of the pedestrian to the best of their ability, he was covered at all times and not left on view to the public.

‘The road closures were maintained until 9pm to ensure members of the public could not access the scene.

‘Unfortunately, due to the location of the collision, some local residents did have direct view of the scene. 

‘Officers liaised with some of those residents on the night and the local Neighbourhood Policing team has been in the community to offer support and reassurance to those affected by the incident.

‘We have appointed a family liaison officer to support the family at what is understandably a very difficult time for them.

‘Officers are continuing to investigate the circumstances around this collision and encourage anyone who may of witnessed the incident to please contact Dyfed-Powys Police on 101 quoting incident number DP-20181124-154.’

The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust has been contacted for comment. 


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