Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers: 6 Things to Look for and How Much You Should Pay

It can be challenging to find comfort with a Bluetooth headset for truckers. Some are too bulky, too uncomfortable, or don’t deliver the way you want them to.

A few of these headsets do require a Bluetooth adapter that you attach to your truck, but all of them do work with similar devices that are simply phones without the trucking equipment.

Before purchasing, here are things to consider to ensure you get what you like from the best trucker Bluetooth headset. There are so many different features that Bluetooth headsets for truckers can have that it makes it hard to choose.

Type of Device – Before purchasing a Bluetooth headset, nowadays, almost all phones are made with Bluetooth technology in mind. Even older models have it installed by default, but some do not support any Bluetooth device.

By checking the specifications of your device for Bluetooth compatibility, you can find out if it is compatible without having to purchase the device.

Comfort – You will be wearing this thing for hours on end, so comfort is key! There are plenty of Bluetooth headsets for truckers that have soft earpieces and adjustable headbands so you can customize the way it feels every time you wear them.

If you plan on wearing it for long periods, make sure the earpiece is thick and cushiony without being bulky. You must check and see if you can wear it underneath your helmet while driving! Some headsets will allow you to do this, and others will not.

Voice Controls – If you are using a Bluetooth headset for truckers with voice controls, you can do anything by simply talking to it. Some headsets may not have the ability to open and close your truck door all by voice, but they might be able to answer or reject phone calls for you.

Voice controls are beneficial and sometimes necessary!

Range – For many Bluetooth headsets for truckers, the range of the device is a must. If you will be driving through rural areas with hardly any cell service, it is essential to have a Bluetooth headset that will not cut out halfway down the road.

The last thing you want to deal with when you are in an area where service is sketchy is to have your headset cut out on you. Most state laws require you to hear outside noise when operating a commercial vehicle, so make sure that the best trucker Bluetooth headset you choose can at least allow that.

Battery Life – According to reports, the global Bluetooth Smart and the smart ready market size was estimated at $4.27 billion in 2016.

When purchasing a Bluetooth headset for truckers, you want one that has extremely long battery life. Nothing is worse than getting a low battery on a long trip and being stuck with a headset that constantly cuts out!

Battery life varies significantly from one headset to another, so make sure your Bluetooth headset for truckers lasts as long as you need it to without having to recharge constantly.

Audio Quality – Having crystal clear audio while you are on the road is extremely important. Your Bluetooth headset for truckers must have fantastic audio quality, or you will not be able to hear anything while driving!

Most headsets these days have great audio, but it never hurts to check reviews before purchasing one just in case.

How Much Should You Pay?

Bluetooth headsets for truckers come in a wide range of prices. You can find a Bluetooth headset for as low as $10 that will do the job just fine, but if you want a high-quality one with all the bells and whistles, it might cost you hundreds of dollars!

It is essential to consider what you plan to use the headset for. If you are not going to be using it for an extended amount of time throughout the day, you do not need to spend a fortune on something that has high-end features.

However, if you will be using it all day, every day for several hours at a time, make sure it is comfortable and offers plenty of features!

You can usually find Bluetooth headsets for truckers in the $100 range, but some cost even more. Just keep in mind that a more affordable headset will usually mean that you have to sacrifice some features.

If you are purchasing a Bluetooth headset for truckers for the first time, it is probably best to stick with something on the less expensive side of things, so you do not have to worry about being disappointed.