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Book a Hotel Near the Shopping Area of Silom to Score Bargains

Booking a hotel near the shopping area of Silom makes picking up souvenirs for the family back home an easy task.

The Silom area of Bangkok is popular with business travelers who need close access to all the multinational companies in the city. Silom Road, along with the nearby Sathorn Road, form the heart of the city’s business and financial hub.

But business travelers who have visited the city before and have a little downtime often book their hotel near Silom’s shopping area. This makes it convenient for a little souvenir shopping when they finish their business calls and work for the day.

Silom Complex

for many business travelers, when they find they have forgotten to pack some necessary items, the Silom Complex is the place they visit. This five-story shopping mall with a basement food court is located right at the top of Silom Road near the BTS Skytrain, Sala Daeng station.

With many clothing shops, pharmacies, beauty supply stores, eyeglass suppliers, and accessory shops, Silom Complex can supply everything a traveler needs to live comfortably while in Bangkok.

But the shopping malls of Bangkok mostly offer everyday items for the residents of the city. They rarely sell anything that would serve as a memento of your visit to Thailand. For that, you need to browse among the many night and weekend markets of Bangkok. Fortunately, when you book a hotel near the shopping area of Silom, one will appear every night, as if by magic.

Silom Night Market

You may be getting hungry at the end of your business day in Bangkok. But before you book a table at one of the many restaurants in and around the Silom area, wait until you see what the night has in store for you on Silom Road. You’ll soon discover that when you book a hotel near the shopping area of Silom, the shopping area takes over after dark.

Every night, busy Silom Road is transformed into a colorful night market that takes over the upper end of the road. The traffic of cars, taxis, motorbikes, and buses gives way to people leisurely strolling and browsing among the many stalls and kiosks that pop up to form the Silom Night Market.

The market is the place to find all the handicrafts, knick-knacks, and t-shirts that your family back home will love to get as gifts of your trip to Thailand.

The stalls and kiosks of the night market offer clothing, toys, computer and phone accessories, silk cloths, DVDs, and practically everything under the sun. But the aromas wafting from the night market provide a hint to other treats awaiting you.

This night market is also where you can find Bangkok’s world-famous street food. You’ll be glad you waited to eat when you discover the many stalls offering some of the most authentic and tasty street food. Pull up a stool, order a bowl of steaming and spicy noodles, or sample Pad Thai, which is a cut above anything available at home.

You’ll discover why seasoned business travelers make a point of booking a hotel near the shopping area of Silom when you head back to your hotel full, happy, and satisfied with your bag of souvenirs in tow.