Boost Your Immunity with Pu Erh Tea

We all know the benefits (and wonderful taste) from drinking all forms of tea from tree leaves. Did you know that you can maintain, and in fact boost your health, by drinking your favorite past-time? If weren’t aware then please read on.

Our immune system – what is it and how does it work?

From the moment we are born, and for the entirety of our lives, we are exposed to all sorts of viruses and diseases, and without our internal and healthy immune system, we would be constantly suffering from these ailments (or microbes). After our immune system defeats an ailment, it systematically (internally within our bodies) ‘records’ the offending microbes – what this means is that our immune system can remember, recognize and wipe out the offending microbe quite quickly if it re-enters our body again – and before they can multiply and eventually make you ill.

What is pu erh tea, and where does it come from?

Unlike other tea leaves that can be grown all over the world (healthy tea leaf growth is reliant on the right environmental conditions and soil for tea plant growth to occur), pu erh tea (pronounced – “pooh-air”) is grown and harvested from large naturally growing trees.

Pu erh tea can only be grown in the Yunnan Province in China, which is situated in the southwest region of the country. What makes growing this tea so unique is the combination of the dense Yunnan rain forest climate and the soil from the forest eco-system, which combines to produce this lush large leaf variety of tea. Large tea leaves are then harvested from these Yunnan Province trees to produce this unique and therapeutic tea; it’s interesting to note that some of these trees are in fact several hundred years old.

The raw material that is harvested from the trees is made by pan firing the tea leaves and then rotating and drying them in the sun for a specific period of time. After this process, the tea leaves are placed into large stacks where moisture is systematically added, and monitored, over a period of hours and even weeks at a time. The timeframe will depend on the type of fermented tea that is being produced. The tea leaves are then condensed into various forms for presentation and aging purposes.

What are the health benefits of drinking pu erh tea?

So how does pu erh tea (or any tea for that matter) work to strengthen our internal immune system?

As we age our immune system’s effectiveness will diminish in its ability to combat diseases that we are exposed to – coupled with other life factors such as any pre-existing condition(s), inadequate sleep patterns and stress due to work and/ or family life. All of these factors contribute to a decline in how our bodies natural defense system can effectively work for us.

There is good news regarding how we can boost and improve our immune system. Drinking tea is one of the easiest ways to either maintain or rebuild our immune system to an optimal level so as to combat disease. One reason why tea is effective on our immune system is because of the high levels of antioxidants present in tea in the form of vitamins, minerals, and other therapeutic compounds.

Formal studies have shown that pu erh tea can even lower the risk of inflammation. If you’re feeling sour or experiencing heartburn, drink some pu erh tea to soothe the whole body. Daily intake will keep this kind of indigestion at bay, and you’ll gradually feel your immune system getting stronger.

Studies that have been conducted by the Japanese Keiji Matsumoto University of Shizuoka in Japan have concluded that some active ingredients in pu erh tea (specifically catechins and teanine within the loose leaf tea) can safeguard us from the common flu.

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