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Bor Lake — Unexploited Gem of East Serbia - The #1 Luxury Dating Site - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

Situated in Timocka Krajina, East Serbia, Lake Bor is an artificial lake, surrounded by volcanic rocks of Crni Vrh mountain. The nearest town is Bor, 17km (around 11 mi.) away.

Emerald Green Water

The lake was formed from Brestovacka River. The dam was lifted in 1959. The lake’s area is 30 ha (74,132 acres), and the depth of the water is up to 52 m (170 ft). It has an undefined shape.

The water temperature is 25°C (77°F) during the summer months. It is crystal-clear, fresh, pure mountain water. Evergreen and deciduous trees reflect upon the surface of the water, coloring it bright emerald green. Concrete, pebbled, and grassy beaches are well kept.

State Enterprise “Srbijasume” manages state forests and is responsible for fish maintenance. Because of that, the lake is tempting for sports fishers. One can usually see them camping on the lakesides from May until the late fall.

From Serbian Capital to Bor Lake

The distance between Belgrade and Bor Lake is 247 km (around 154 mi.). The journey takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. The roads are excellent, the highway until Paracin (E-75), then a regional road over Cestobrodica curvature, and some 30 km (around 18 mi.) of the local road. Regional and local roads have undergone full reconstruction in the last few years.

On the side of the regional road, you can see the impressive Rtanj Mountain. Inside the mountain, there are over 17 main caves and various other chambers. The local ethnic restaurant at the base of the mountain offers domestic specialties.

Accommodation at Bor Lake

‘Jezero’ Hotel

The hotel was fully renovated in 2012. It is a four-star hotel (according to the E.U. standard). It boasts 300 beds, wireless internet, swimming pool, sauna, salt room, bowling, karaoke room, ping-pong hall, snooker, squash, badminton, mini tennis, chess room, fitness, and gym.

The hotel has its own parking. A playground, soccer field, volleyball, beach volleyball, and basketball terrains are near the hotel.

Well-maintained walkways are all around the lake. Wooden tables and benches positioned on the shores of the lake invite you to enjoy fantastic sunset, playing with friends, and even winning some real money at online casinos.

Payment methods: cash, debit, or credit card.


It is located on the shoreline. It can receive approximately 300 trailers. Most of the parking places are in the shade of the surrounding trees.

The camp has its own beach which is very well-maintained by longtime regular guests. It is equipped with bathrooms, toilets, parking slots. A wireless network is also available, and it is pet-friendly. Unfortunately, they don’t accept any cards (debit or credit).

The camp is open from May 1 to October 1.

Villa ‘Vertigo’

On the main beach of the lake, you can find this villa which has its parking and restaurant. Its 17 rooms mostly have a beautiful view of the lake. All rooms have a smart TV and cable, wireless network, and air-conditioning.

Main Attractions Around the Lake

Near the lake, there is a mountain — Crni Vrh (Tilva Njagra in Wallach language) with a lush beechwood forest. It gives off the impression of a guardian transcending Bor Lake. One can truly appreciate endless walks and peaceful surroundings pleasantly interrupted by melodic songs of birds. During the winter season, there is enough snow that opens the door to skiing, snowboarding, sliding, snowman making, etc.

Dubasnica plateau is well-known for its underground rivers, five of them, sinkholes, and caves. It is covered in dense forests, vast pastures, and meadows speckled with colorful field flowers. For hunters, an interesting fact is the number of wild pigs, chamois, moufflons, and deer.

Zlot caves: Lazar, Manda, Vodena, Vernjikic, Hajducica, and Stojkova Ledenica, are real nature’s art, full of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, both horizontal and vertical.

Lazar’s Canyon or Lazar’s Gorge is a public good of the 1st category, mainly wooded, with 26 forests, but it is also rich in barren land, rocky fields, meadows, and pastures. There are over 70 caves in this area. Over 720 plant varieties grow on the prairies. A high number of wild animals populate the area. The rivers are exciting because of the endemic species of small crustaceans, and otters. The surrounding cliffs and woods are even the habitat of lynx, badger, jackal, and specific species of wild cat.

Brestovacka Spa is famous for its healthy water that is beneficial for spine, central and peripheral nerve system, and overall exhaustion and fatigue. There are two historically and culturally significant objects, the castle of Knyaz Aleksandar Karadjordjevic and a summer villa of King Peter the First.

The placement of Bor Lake ensures a pleasant vacation. The lake doesn’t host too many guests even in the high season. One can always find a secluded spot under the willows and enjoy in a light breeze coming from the mountains even in high temperatures. The smell of pine trees fills the air. Calmness and serenity dominate the scene. Bor Lake is indeed a rare jewel in this fast-paced world we live in.

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