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Botanico, the first blockchain ambassador agency, engages models to make blockchain beautiful

Botanico, the first blockchain ambassador agency, bridges the gap between fashion industry and cryptocurrency community. Blockchain ambassadors will highlight startup’s team board and represent the project through marketing and PR campaigns.

Professional fashion models, excited with crypto and blockchain, collaborated with Botanico and are ready to join the team of future groundbreaking startups.

Fintech groups and organisations have far fewer women on their boards than even IT industry and banks. As seen on CryptoCoinsNews and Management Today , numbers vary from 7% to 9% of women in fiat FT companies. According to team boards of Top-50 ICOs, blockchain startups inherit gender inequality from fintech organisations. However, ICO ParagonCoin with a CEO supermodel Jessica Versteeg seems special and is doomed to succeed. Tezos and Bancor are in the TOP-3 most crowdfunded ICO campaigns, and their teams are also featuring fascinating women. Attention to these projects is natural. Botanico claims to struggle with lack of female leaders in crypto industry through the intrusion of blockchain ambassadors.

Blockchain education is a huge part of project social impact. The main qualities of Botanico ambassadors are professional skills, not appearance. They spread the word on behalf of the company, communicate with customer community, and are the brand representatives during various blockchain events. Botanico establishes a school of blockchain education as an easy entrance to the market for brand ambassadors. After graduation of first ambassadors, video course and tests will be released for everyone interested.

‘Botanico is here to fight sexual objectification and bias through giving the ambassadors ways to express themselves as a part of blockchain community — the most geeky community ever. We hope that the community will embrace them wholeheartedly.’ — Ivan Sokolov, creative director at Botanico.

Botanico service is delivered by a team of crypto enthusiasts, ad and marketing specialists, gender equality activists. The team also appreciates strategic partnership with Figaro international model agency.

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