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Boy, seven, writes to NSW Premier to check if the Easter Bunny is exempt from COVID-19 restrictions 

Boy, 7, pens an adorable letter to Gladys Berejiklian asking if the Easter Bunny can visit him on his birthday in light of strict social distancing restrictions

  • Ollie Fisher, seven, wrote a letter to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday 
  • He said that he had seen her on TV making rules to ensure people were kept safe
  • It is his birthday on Sunday and he was worried the Easter Bunny could not travel
  • He asked if it would be fine if hand washing water was put outside for the bunny 
  • The politician shared his letter on Facebook and said the Easter Bunny is exempt 

A schoolboy has penned an adorable letter to the NSW Premier asking if the Easter Bunny would be in lockdown in light of the government’s coronavirus restrictions. 

Ollie Fisher, seven, from the Richmond Valley region in the state’s north east, wrote to Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday.  

The concerned boy wanted to check if the Easter Bunny would still be allowed to visit him this weekend on his eight birthday. 

‘Good afternoon Gladys, my name is Ollie,’ the handwritten note begins.  

 A concerned schoolboy wrote to Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday to ask if the Easter Bunny could visit him in light of the strict social distancing measures 

‘I have seen you a lot on the news a lot lately making rules to keep us safe from the coronavirus, which is really nice of you.

‘I have been a bit worried about one rule that says we can’t have visitors. 

‘This is okay because I am at home with mummy and my big sissy, but I was wondering if this means the Easter Bunny is not allowed to come on Sunday morning now?’

Ollie promised the politician that proper hygiene measures would be put in place if the visitation was permitted. 

‘I can leave hand wash out for him if he is still allowed to come?’ he pleaded.

Ollie Fisher's endearing letter to the NSW Premier

Ollie Fisher’s endearing letter to the NSW Premier

Premier Berejiklian shared Ollie’s letter to Facebook on Wednesday and assured him that the Easter Bunny would still be doing the annual chocolate drop-off. 

‘Dear Ollie, Thank you for your lovely letter,’ she wrote. 

‘I can confirm the Easter Bunny will definitely be visiting this weekend!

Ms Berejiklan wished Ollie happy birthday for Sunday then signed off as Premier Gladys.  

The post has gone viral racking up almost 2,000 likes in two hours.

Many social media users were touched by the ‘sweet’ note and flooded the comment section to wish Ollie happy birthday.

‘Ollie you little champion. Have a fun birthday with your mum and sister. I’ll be enjoying my easter eggs from the Easter bunny and thinking of you! Happy birthday!’ one comment read. 

Another person added: ‘Absolutely melts my heart….Happy Birthday for Sunday Ollie….what a beautiful letter.’

‘Thank you for sharing Ollie’s letter with us. This has made my day,’ someone else wrote.   

Despite the declining growth of COVID-19 infections, Prime Minister has urged everyone to stay at home this Easter as rates could still increase if social distancing measures end abruptly. 

‘Failure to stay at home this weekend would completely undo everything we have achieved so far together – and potentially worse,’ he said.  

‘This Easter weekend will be incredibly important. Stay at home.’