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Braces vs Invisalign: Which is Better For Your Teeth

Looking after your teeth is important. It’s not just a matter of keeping them into old age, something that is becoming increasingly common. The health of your teeth and your mouth, in general, has been shown to be linked to your overall health, looking after your teeth can actually help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues and other diseases.

Braces are usually fitted to children’s teeth, helping them to realign and improve the appearance of their smile. Although they are generally used for children it is possible to have braces as an adult. This is becoming increasingly popular as people are more eager to get the ‘Hollywood smile’.

The Tradition Brace

The classic brace has a wire that runs from tooth to tooth. On the front of each tooth, there will be a small metal bracket. The wire pulls on the bracket and slowly guides the tooth into the best possible position. The sires can be adjusted and should be regularly by your dentist.

The traditional brace is relatively discreet and very effective. It can realign teeth and straighten them. It can even help crooked teeth. They are generally considered to be the best option for complex dental issues.


In contrast, Invisalign is a completely clear product. It is a removable liner that is custom made to your mouth. Their purpose is the same, to slowly straighten teeth and improve the look of your mouth.

However, because they can be removed you’ll be able to maintain normal oral hygiene, helping you to keep your teeth healthy.

There are no wires with Invisalign, as the name suggests, the product is almost invisible when on your teeth. It’s also very comfortable as it is custom made to fit your mouth.

However, this approach is generally more expensive as the removable liner will need to be remade periodically. This is to help your teeth move into the desired position, you can’t simply tighten the wire.

On the plus side, your Invisalign Little Bay dental practice can use 3-D imaging and a dedicated computer program to illustrate each step of the process and what your teeth will finally look like. That can help you to remain motivated.

It’s also worth noting that, after the original mold of your teeth is taken, you’ll need to spend very little time in the dental chair. The majority of it is done via a computer. Your dentist will want to monitor your progress to ensure you’re doing as well as they hoped.

After all, every movement of your teeth is carefully planned using software, the dentist will want to ensure that the teeth are moving in accordance with the plan.

Which Is the Better Choice?

Traditional braces perform the same function as Invisalign. That means it’s difficult to choose one over the other, although your dentist will help.

It is worth noting that traditional braces are better at correcting more complex issues as they can be tweaked almost daily to get the desired result.

Invisalign is certainly the preferred treatment option for adults who are more conscious of how a brace looks. Losing the ability to smile can be detrimental to self-confidence. This isn’t generally an issue if you’re wearing an Invisalign brace as it’s virtually invisible.

In short, both products do the job of straightening your teeth. Invisalign has the advantage in that it is less noticeable, that’s important to many people. If cost is an issue or you have complex teeth requirements your dentist may recommend a more traditional brace.

But, whichever option you have, remember that the end result is worth it.


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