Bras N Things after fire after shopper notices retouching fail on the brand’s website

Furious women slam Bras N Things after a VERY awkward mistake was published on its website: ‘I can’t believe this is happening in 2022’

  • Australian retailer Bras N Things has come under fire for an image on the website
  • A snap of a woman’s torso had the caption ‘waiting on retouched’ plastered on it
  • Customers believed the image required editing and was accidentally there
  • A Bras N Things spokesperson said the ‘retouching’ referred to the background  

Australian lingerie retailer Bras N Things has come under fire after customers noticed an ‘unedited’ image on the website.

A photo of a model’s torso was published on Wednesday morning with the caption ‘waiting on retouched’ written across it, suggesting the image required editing.

Many customers were outraged and disappointed in the brand, as Bras N Things is known for being inclusive of larger sizes. 

Branded over a photo of a woman’s torso read the caption ‘waiting on retouched’, suggesting the image required editing (pictured). A Bras N Things spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the ‘retouching’ mentioned was in regards to the background of the image and not the model

The conversation was sparked after shopper Kelly noticed the error and shared it on Facebook. 

‘Surely in 2022 these kinds of things don’t still happen? This was taken from the Bras N Things website – their image for the shapewear section obviously uploaded incorrectly,’ she wrote.  

‘For a brand that has taken steps to be more size inclusive in their advertising, I find this quite shocking, but also as someone who works in [communications] I am horrified for their brand manager!’

Others said the odd occurrence may have been deliberate to promote ‘body positivity’ and ‘curves’. 

‘That looks like an ad to me. I feel like maybe they are trying to be body positive but that’s a really weird slogan? Definitely worded super weird if it is an ad!’ one woman wrote.

‘I think it’s intentional,’ another added.

A third woman encouraged others to avoid making assumptions about the brand’s choices or human error. 

‘Let’s not jump to conclusions here. EVERY photo gets retouched before going on a website. There’s always colour correction to be done to ensure it matches the tone of the rest of the images, sometimes brand filters need to be applied too,’ she said.

A Bras N Things spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the ‘retouching’ mentioned was in regards to the background of the image and not the model. 

‘At Bras N Things we don’t retouch the models in our images, the retouching mentioned is in regards to the background of the image only,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘Tiles featured on our website are required to have the same grey tone background colour, this images background is yet to be recoloured, as can be seen in the picture.’