Brazilian conquering the world

The Digital Marketing Consultant Thais Soalleiro was born in the town of Santos – State of Sao Paulo, Brazil -, and is living in NYC since 2018. The success of her journey in marketing went beyond the borders of Brazil, conquering space in the international market over the last years.

Thais lives and works in New York City, but for over 10 years she worked with marketing in Brazil, the last 2 years being on a launch project for Latin America. In her last year living in Brazil, an important step in Thais’ career took place, when she decided to open her own Digital Marketing Consulting company, in January 2017. Since then, she has been working with clients in Brazil and the United States. The Brazilian is also been a marketing volunteer at the Copyright Society of the USA – since June 2017.

“I first visited New York during my 2017 vacation and had the opportunity to volunteer at a Copyright Society conference in Philadelphia. It was impossible not to fall in love with America. And in less than a year I moved to NYC to study English and invest in my career. A few months later I was already enrolled in college to study Business.”, says the Brazilian.

Graduated in Data Processing from one of the main state universities in São Paulo, Brazil – FATEC, and Marketing from Universidade Metodista, also in Brazil, she recently graduated in Business Administration from ASA College, in NYC. Thais says that she loves studying and that the different degrees have helped her to better understand the market.

“I see that one of the main factors that Brazilian brands look for me is because of the macro vision of the business that I provide, as I understand Latin and American audiences. I believe this allows me to bring assertive solutions in the brand growth project”, explains Thais.

After working for 6 years at Ongame Entertainment, one of the main game publishers in Brazil, where she went from Marketing Analyst to Marketing Coordinator and represented the company at GAMESCOM 2014 – one of the largest worldwide trade fairs for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany – Thais embraced her personal project, her own company and working as a digital marketing consultant allowed her to make the dream of living in NYC come true.

Thais reinvents herself with her “mobile” office and always finds solutions to serve her clients with excellence, whether online, in loco, or even in coffee shops. During the pandemic, it was no different, in addition to helping clients through the economic crisis, Thais coordinated the opening of a beauty spa in Philadelphia. Furthermore, she completed a Summer Internship in 2020, being able to help a fitness brand to launch digital products.

“The most challenging part of the pandemic was not the home office, as I was already used to working remotely, but studying remotely!” affirms Thais. And it was studying remotely that she stood out once again, with a 4.0 GPA accompanied by two college awards – President’s List of Spring and Summer 2020.

Recently, the Brazilian joined the team of one of the biggest fashion brands in Brazil, FARM Rio, in its NYC office. And now she is preparing to start her next challenge, the MBA in Communication.