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Brazilian sisters ‘sexually assaulted’ near an Eiffel Tower garden after leaving bar with two men

Brazilian sisters ‘sexually assaulted’ near an Eiffel Tower garden after leaving bar with two men who bought them drinks

  • Two Brazilian women were allegedly sexually assaulted at a garden near the Eiffel Tower on Sunday
  • The women, who are vacationing in Paris, and on Saturday met two men at a local bar and were bought drinks
  • The women left the bar with the men and separated; the oldest sister was reportedly groped in the buttocks and the younger one was allegedly raped

Two Brazilian women were allegedly sexually assaulted near the Eiffel Tower, Brazil’s consulate in Paris confirmed.

The sisters were on vacation and on Saturday visited a bar where they met two men who offered them drinks before they were attacked Sunday before dawn.

Deputy consul Ruy Ciarlini told state-owned Radio France Internationale on Tuesday that the women have been provided legal and psychological support from the consulate office.

‘Today our legal advisor and psychological advisor contacted them to offer both services,’ Ciarlini said. ‘And everything will depend on what they need, what they want. Whatever they need, we will accompany them and give them all the support they need.’

Two Brazilian sisters vacationing in Paris were reportedly sexually assaulted on the grounds of the Champs de Mars near the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. No arrests had been made as of Wednesday afternoon

Le Parisien newspaper reported that the women had separated from each other before the purported sexual assaults took place at Champ de Mars, a greenspace between the Eiffel Tower and École Militaire, a military training complex.

The eldest was groped in the buttocks by the man she was with and fought off his attempts before he fled.

She then went searching for her younger sister by Eiffel Tower and discovered her pinned to the ground with the man on top of her with the pants down.

Upon noticing the woman’s sister, the man took off running and escaped in a black car.

The women visited a local police station in Champ de Mars and filed a report, which indicated that younger sibling had in fact been raped.

In recent months Paris authorities have seen an increase in criminal activity at the Champ de Mars public gardens.

Pickpockets and fraudsters routinely target tourists and vendors around the Eiffel Towers. With the city set to host the Olympic Games in 2024, there’s an ongoing operation to clean the area up.

‘We are going to saturate the site to fight against crime and to disperse the troublemakers,’ Paris police chief, Laurent Nuńez, said in December.


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