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BREAKING NEWS: Adelaide rocked by earthquake as residents report buildings ‘creaking and shifting’ 

Adelaide has been hit by a 3.0 magnitude quake which struck the city shortly after noon on Monday.

Reports from residents who felt the quake came in from across the city following the tremors, which shook buildings and cracked brickwork.

Leah Woolley, 29, said she felt the earthquake from her home in Port Willunga.

‘I heard what sounded like a distant rumble, almost like a loud motorbike, until it got closer and shook the house,’ Ms Woolley told The Advertiser.

‘In the seconds after the shaking stopped the back of my house and pergola were creaking and shifting.’ 

The epicentre of the quake was located in Mount Compass at a depth of 10km, hitting at 12:30pm.

Geoscience Australia seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said 50 similar quakes have been detected in the area within the last three decades.

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