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Bride says niece isn’t welcome at wedding if she is dressed in superhero costume

‘Do people not understand what to wear?’ Bride-to-be lashes out at her in-laws and says her niece isn’t welcome at her wedding if she goes dressed in a superhero costume

  • A bride-to-be says she’s upset at her in-laws over their choice of child’s attire
  • The dress the child was going to wear is blue and red satin with large stars 
  • The bride’s stance sparked a furious debate with some saying she’s out of line  

A bride-to-be has sparked a heated debate online after saying her niece isn’t welcome at her wedding if she chooses to go dressed in a ‘superhero costume’.

A screenshot of the bride’s message was posted in a wedding shaming group on Facebook, along with a message that asked, ‘How did someone think this was okay?’ 

The anonymous poster also included the bride’s original caption on the photo, revealing that she was less than impressed to discover what her future in-laws were planning to dress her fiancé’s niece in for their wedding. 

‘Was at the soon-to-be-in-laws today and they chose this dress for my fiancé’s niece.’ she wrote. ‘I told them to keep shopping. Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?’

A bride-to-be has said her niece’s potential choice of wedding attire (pictured) won’t be suitable for her upcoming nuptials

The outfit in question is a red-and-blue Wonder Woman-themed dress that features the hero’s classic gold star emblem on the front, along with several other smaller stars across the skirt. 


Should she be allowed to wear this dress to the wedding?

  • Yes 357 votes
  • No 513 votes

In the image, the little girl is wearing a fuzzy pink cardigan over the dress, and appears to have a pair of purple-and-pink socks on that match her outerwear.  

The bride’s thoughts about her niece’s choice of attire has divided many who saw the post, with some agreeing with her stance and others siding with the in-law saying the child should be allowed to wear what she wants.

‘You have to be such a narcissistic adult to allow your precious little princess to do this,’ wrote one. 

‘Team Bride here. This child will be in family photos. She is not just a guest. This is 100 per cent shame-worthy,’ said another. 

The message (pictured) asked if people 'really do not understand what to wear for weddings'

The message (pictured) asked if people ‘really do not understand what to wear for weddings’

A third said: ‘If they had a superhero or comic theme or whatever, this MIGHT work. Even though in my humble opinion theme weddings are cringe as hell. “Wedding is a theme.”‘ 

Those who sided with the parents of the child said they held the view the child should be able to dress how she wanted without the bride making any demands.

‘If no one told me this was a superhero dress I’d have no clue. It looks like a fancier little girls dress with stars,’ said one.

‘If they are only guests, kids should be able to wear what they want,’ another commented.

‘I would let someone wear this to mine. Unless she was part of the bridal party I don’t see an issue,’ a third said.  


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