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Brightly reveals avocados can be put in the freezer to make them last longer

Foodie shares her simple trick for keeping her perfectly ripe avocados fresh for as long as four months

  • An eco influencer has shared her favourite method to keep avocados fresh
  • The blogger keeps ripe avocados in the freezer for up to four months at a time
  • She says the fruit tastes and feels the exact same as the cold preserves them
  • Alyssa works for sustainability blog Brightly, who often share food waste tips

A sustainable food blogger has keeps her avocados fresh for up to four months by freezing them when they’re reach perfect ripeness.

Alyssa, an eco influencer from Brightly, said the budget-friendly hack ensures the fruit tastes the exact same any time of year even after four months in the freezer.

She said she was throwing many in the bin because of their quick ripening time, but she now always uses the freezer to preserve them in their ideal state. 


They said putting a ripe avocado in the freezer (left) will retain it's ripeness, flavour and texture for four months

A sustainability blog revealed a surprising tip to keep avocados fresh for longer. They said putting a ripe avocado in the freezer (left) will retain it’s ripeness, flavour and texture for four months

How many avocados are thrown out? 

More than 1.3 billion tonnes of avocado are thrown away each year due to the quick ripening process and the fruits easily damaged nature


‘I love avocados but I end up throwing them away a lot,’ she said in her popular TikTok.

‘Now, when I have one perfectly ripe like this I throw it in the freezer if I’m not going to eat it that day, and let me tell you, they last for like three to four months,’ Alyssa said.

The food blogger took an avocado that had been in her freezer for a few months and peeled the skin off to show that the fruit is the exact same as before it was frozen.

‘Here’s an old frozen one, and I’ll just let that thaw out for like 30 minutes to an hour. Then I’ll give it a little slice, peel it a little bit, test it out, and let me tell you that baby has not changed a single day,’ she said.

Followers of the sustainability page loved the tip as it can save money and cut down on food waste.

‘Yes! I usually put them in my fridge but freezer is fantastic!’ one woman said.

‘Wow never knew that! I wasted like a million avocados,’ a man said.

‘Omg why have I never done this I’m gonna cry RIP,’ another commented.

However, one woman tried the hack and wasn’t sure about it.

‘Tried it! It tastes different (watery) and the texture is a bit mushy,’ she said.

Several commenters said they let their avocados almost ripen on the counter, then put them in the fridge to slow the process. The tip allows the avocados to remains edible for a week.

Top tips to make food last longer:

* To revive stale bread, wrap it in a wet napkin and microwave it for 30 seconds

* Store strawberries in glass to make them last longer

* Wrap celery in a damp cloth to keep it crisp

* Cover bowls and plates with reusable beeswax wrapping if you don’t have a lid

* Wrap fruits and vegetables in a food hugger after opening them to keep them fresh

* Cover celery with water in a glass lunchbox to keep it crunchy

* Put an opened avocado face down in a glass lunchbox of water to prevent browning


Brightly often share their favourite tips and hacks to keep food fresh for longer and cut down on food waste. 

They recently shared a tip to keep lemons and limes fresh for weeks.

They advised putting whole lemons and limes in a glass container filled with water and storing them in the fridge. The hack also works with avocado and celery.

Glass containers are generally thought to keep produce fresher for longer than plastic containers as they stay cooler, don’t perspire and are more airtight.


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