Brit tourist, 28, ‘kills his 26-year-old wife by stabbing her 41 times with a screwdriver in Turkish hotel room – before husband is found covered in blood’

  • Investigators found the victim’s partner, who promptly confessed to the murder 

A British tourist died after being brutally stabbed 41 times with a screwdriver by her husband at a hotel in Turkey, local media reports.

The 26-year-old woman was found dead at around 12:30pm local time on Tuesday in a hotel in Fatih Mevlanakapı District.

Hotel staff reported hearing ‘sounds’ coming from a room and found the victim ‘lying in a pool of blood’. Medical teams arrived later and pronounced her dead.

The woman was discovered with lacerations on her throat and across her body, examiners concluding she had been killed with a screwdriver. 

Turkish police launched an investigation and promptly found her husband wearing a bloodied white T-shirt.

The suspect confessed to the murder and said that he threw the screwdriver into the toilet in the hotel room. 

View of the historic city centre of Istanbul, Turkey with Galata bridge and mosques

The historic gates of Istanbul in Mevlanakapi district

The historic gates of Istanbul in Mevlanakapi district

Upon his arrest, the suspect claimed that the victim gave him drugs on the day of the attack, according to Turkish media. 

The couple argued, he said, before he repeatedly stabbed his partner with the screwdriver, killing her.

He admitted to fleeing the scene after hiding the evidence.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The couple were reported to have arrived in Turkey on November 12, having flown to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

They settled into their hotel on November 14, where the victim was later found dead. 

In August last year, a British woman was ruled innocent after being accused of throwing her boyfriend 100ft to his death from a hotel balcony in Turkey.

Kayley Myers, from Newcastle, spent months behind bars in the Mediterranean country after her partner, Reece Pegram, was found dead at their resort last year.

Prosecutors alleged that the 32-year-old had thrown her boyfriend off the balcony sparking a 16-month nightmare where she faced the prospect of being locked up for life.

But after a judge ruled there was ‘no definite and convincing evidence’ to convict her she has finally been allowed back to the UK bringing an end to one chapter of her ‘living nightmare’, she told The Sun.