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British Airways eVouchers to cruise holidays – the Holiday Guru solves Covid traveller queries 

‘How do I apply for a British Airways eVoucher?’ The Holiday Guru solves coronavirus-related traveller queries

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions.

This week he offers advice on cruise holidays and British Airways eVouchers.  

Q. My long-time partner and I decided that after 42 years we would marry and honeymoon in Barbados with an add-on cruise, departing on a Virgin flight on December 19. We booked via Trailfinders. We paid a £7,000 deposit, but at 72 and 74 we do not want to fly long-haul and risk coming back in a box! We have contacted Trailfinders twice and were given conflicting answers. The balance of another £7,000 is due soon. What should we do?

Sandra Morris and Peter Williams, via email

One couple wants to know if they should pay the balance on an upcoming holiday to Barbados, pictured

A. This is Covid travel’s big Catch-22. Trailfinders has worked with suppliers to extend your final payment deadline to October 9. By then, the cruise may have been cancelled, in which case you would receive a full refund of £7,000 within 14 days. Trailfinders has a good record for swift repayments.

A policy of wait and see is best. If the cruise is still going ahead by, say, October 8, you could ask to reschedule the trip, making the final payment in 2021. 

Alternatively, ask for a Refund Card to use on any Trailfinders holiday, but remember if the cruise or Virgin flights go ahead, you may lose the pre-payments Trailfinders has made to the companies.

Q. I was sent a British Airways email inviting me to apply for an eVoucher combining two flights that had been cancelled earlier this year. 

But when I click the link on the email, it just goes through to the BA home page. I am not sure what to do.

Sean Williams, via email

One reader asks for help in applying for a British Airways eVoucher after two of his flights were cancelled earlier this year

One reader asks for help in applying for a British Airways eVoucher after two of his flights were cancelled earlier this year 

A. British Airways said there has been a glitch with a ‘small number of emails that were sent with the homepage link’. This has been corrected. 

Anyone seeking an eVoucher should click on ‘Find out more’ in the ‘Claiming and using your voucher’ box towards the bottom of the BA website’s home page, and then hit ‘Apply for a voucher’.


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