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British driving licences could be invalid in EU after Brexit

Q: Will I need to have an IDP if I’m only driving in the UK? 

A: An IDP issued in the UK isn’t valid for use in the UK.

Q: How much does an IDP cost?

A: £5.50 and each one is valid for a year.

Q: Where can I get an IDP?

A: The Post Office or apply online with the AA or RAC.

Q: When can I apply for an IDP? 

A: To apply for an IDP you must be 18 years or over, and have a valid UK driving licence.

Q: Can a learner apply for an IDP? 

A: An IDP can’t be issued to a provisional licence holder

If you’ve just passed your test, you can apply using your test pass certificate (valid for two years) and provisional driving licence.

Q: How soon before I drive abroad do I need to arrange an IDP? 

A: You can’t apply more than three months before you travel and can’t be backdated.