British tourists are accused of stabbing two doormen at Benidorm nightspot

British tourists are accused of stabbing two doormen at Benidorm nightspot in same street where UK holidaymaker was shot in the buttocks last year

  • Two workers at venue in Benidorm, Spain, were stabbed at 10.30pm last night
  • Attack happened on Calle Majorca in ‘Little England’ area of the Spanish resort
  • Two British men aged 20 and 21, have been arrested following the attack
  • Took place on same street where a UK tourist was shot in the buttocks last July

A Briton arrested over a double stabbing at a Benidorm bar may end up being accused of attempted homicide because of the injuries suffered by an alleged victim, it emerged today.

One of the casualties was stabbed in the stomach in Calle Majorca – in the resort’s Little England area – last night and was admitted to a hospital intensive care unit, sources said. Another was said to have been stabbed in the chest.

Detectives have arrested two British men aged 20 and 21. One of the stab wound victims is Romanian and the other is from the Czech Republic. 

Two British men have been arrested after two workers were stabbed at a Benidorm nightspot last night (file picture)

At least one of the alleged victims is a bouncer at Beachcomber where last night’s incident occurred and the other is also a worker, although it was not immediately clear if he was also a doorman or PR staff.

The source said: ‘One of the Brits was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide and wounding and the other for an offence of making threats.

‘One of the casualties, the most seriously injured of the two, was stabbed in the abdomen and was admitted to intensive care. The other was stabbed in the chest.’

No-one was available at the hospital in Villajoyosa where the two workers were taken to comment on their conditions today.

It was not immediately clear if the most seriously-injured man was from Romania or the Czech Republic.

Police confirmed this morning they had held two men they said came from the UK, although they were not able to confirm local reports they were Scottish and said they could not give out any info on where they were from in Britain.

The initial information was that the victims’ injuries were not life-threatening, although it subsequently emerged at least one of the men had been rushed to intensive care.

Beachcomber is in Calle Mallorca – English for Mallorca Street – in Benidorm’s famous Little England area.

Calle Majorca is the street where a British holidaymaker was shot in the buttocks last July.

Another two men – both of north African origin – also suffered gunshot wounds.

The 42-year-old Briton was caught up in a gang war between North African drug dealers and criminals from Eastern Europe.

Police said in December they had arrested the suspected gunman, describing him as a 42-year-old Serbian and the main leader of a criminal organisation allegedly involved in extortion and settling of scores.

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police in the area said this morning: ‘Two men have been arrested over a stabbing incident in Benidorm last night around 10.30pm.

‘They are both British and aged 20 and 21.

‘Two people, workers at the place where the incident happened, suffered stab wounds.’

Although it was initially thought the two Brit detainees may appear in court later today, authorities said any court appearance would almost certainly take place tomorrow.

The hearing will take place in private as is normal in Spain where only trials take place in public.

The men are expected to be placed under formal investigation as part of an ongoing probe, although formal charges would not be laid until just before any trial as is normal in Spain.

The judge would be tasked with deciding whether to remand the suspects in custody or release them on bail pending the ongoing probe.

It is understood a third person was also hurt in yesterday’s/Sunday’s incident, but did not suffer stab wounds.

No-one was available for comment at Beachcomber this morning.

The music bar, which has a dance floor and has guest DJs, describes itself on social media as ‘the place where the party’s at.’  

A Foreign Office spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Our staff are in contact with the Spanish authorities following the arrest of two British men in Benidorm.’