Brits are voting for their favourite biscuit – what do you think should come out on top?

  • A poll on Reddit is attempting to find a definitive answer to Britain’s best biscuit 

It’s the debate that will likely never die… and the subject of often heated arguments in the pub. What really is Britain’s best biscuit?

From chocolate digestives to custard creams, the UK is spoilt for choice when it comes to its biscuit selection.

Now on Reddit, a new poll has been launched in a bid to end the debate for good by asking users to vote on the nation’s favourite – and five hopefuls have already been dunked from the original list of 16 contenders. 

Controversially (for some), the poll included Jaffa Cakes – the subject of arduous back-and-forths over its status as a biscuit or a cake. 

But that didn’t the stop orange-centred delights being binned, along with Garibaldis, pink wafers, Rich Teas and Nice Biscuits.

Hobnobs, Bourbons and Jammie Dodgers are now among the 11 still battling it out to be ‘king of the tin’.

Far from settling the debate, some biscuit fans immediately took to the comments section to voice their outrage that their favourites were out of the race. 


What is YOUR favourite biscuit?

  • Hobnob 336 votes
  • Bourbon 480 votes
  • Custard cream 315 votes
  • Digestive 348 votes
  • Garibaldi 83 votes
  • Viennese 71 votes
  • Nice 53 votes
  • Rich tea 118 votes
  • Malted milk 154 votes
  • Ginger nut 210 votes
  • Pink wafer 13 votes
  • Cadbury finger 100 votes
  • Viennese whirl 88 votes
  • Fox’s Crunch Cream 126 votes
  • Jaffa cake 190 votes
  • Jammie dodger 115 votes

One joked: ‘Where is shortbread, the only biscuit that deserves victory? Is there an anti-Scottish conspiracy at play here?

‘We demand transparency and accountability from the electoral committee.’

A second added: ‘I never thought I’d be voting tactically in a biscuit contest but I’ve got to save my beloved malted milk. Gingernut, I’m very sorry.’

Others seemed to be in agreement that the Jammie Dodger should be the next biscuit to perish from the poll. 

Another user said: ‘Jammie Dodgers must go’. 

A fourth lamented: ‘Jammie Dodger next because I always wanted to split the halves but never could, I am still mad about that’. 

Another comment said: ‘Never liked Jammie Dodgers. I don’t understand the hype.’

The polemic poll comes as a Brit divided opinion online after creating a UK chocolate bar tier list, ranking confectionery from best to worst as he sees it.

Liam Waddington, who is from England but lives in Poland, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share his chocolate opinions – but some people think his rankings are controversial to say the least.

The post, which racked up over 500,000 views, was captioned: ‘Accurate UK Chocolate Tier List.’

The content creator ranked the sweet treats from ‘God tier’ to ‘a bit sh**’ placing Cream Eggs, Snickers, Reese’s, Ferrero Rocher and Terry’s Chocolate Orange at the very top.

While at the very bottom of the list was Cadbury’s Fudge, After Eights and Rolos, leaving some people fuming.