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Brody Jack Clarke jailed after stealing millions from WIN proprietor Bruce Gordon

BREAKING NEWS: Coke-snorting high roller, 36, is jailed after stealing millions from wealthy media mogul who ‘saw him like a son’ so he could spend $3MILLION a day gambling on football matches

Brody Jack Clarke, 36, pleaded guilty to six charges of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage at the NSW District Court last year

A coke-snorting high-roller lawyer who bet up to $3 million a day on football games has been sentenced to up to six years behind bars. 

Goldman Sachs banker turned solicitor Brody Jack Clarke, 36, stole close to $10 million from one of Australia’s wealthiest media moguls, the NSW District Court heard on Wednesday.

Clarke was working as a solicitor for AH Lawyers when he stole the vast sums from WIN Television proprietor Bruce Gordon – a client who saw him like a son. 

He plunged the money into rugby league and American football matches, hoping to ‘double his money and repay it’, the court was told.  

In sentencing Clarke, Judge Mark Williams SC described the young man as a ‘highly intelligent, well-educated man with a stellar curriculum vitae’. 

But he had a ‘long-standing cocaine habit’, was drowning in debt and working so hard he sometimes lived in his car in the work carpark, the court was told.  

Clarke would defraud business clients – including Gordon, who saw him as like a son – and pour the money into online gambling.  

He thought he could take money from the law firm Atanskovic Hartnell, where he was a solicitor, gamble, double his money and then repay it, Judge Williams said. 

A sentencing assessment report said Clarke’s problems arose because of his heavy credit card debts and he started gambling online/..

Meanwhile, he was working seven days a week ‘with no holidaysl, occasionally living in his car in the law firm carpark and using gym facilities to shower’.

He had a long-standing cocaine habit which cranked up after university, and suffered bipolar disorder. 

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