Bruce Lehrmann breaks his silence as he faces Queensland court for his second rape trial

Bruce Lehrmann will appear in Toowoomba Magistrate’s court at 9am on Monday over allegations that he raped a woman, 29, in October 2021.

He met the woman at a local strip club called ‘The Vault’, before the pair went back to his friend’s house.

She alleges they were fully clothed in bed, they kissed and she told him to put a condom on. She then alleges that she woke up to find him having sex with her.

The woman also alleges that she woke up the following morning to find him having sex with her again, and told him to stop. She alleges she felt groggy when they had sex a third time.

He allegedly wasn’t wearing a condom and they went to a pharmacy to buy the morning-after pill, and the went to McDonald’s on the way home.

Lehrmann was charged with two counts of rape in January 2023.

The alleged victim will be cross-examined during the committal hearing on Monday, which was set to determine whether there is enough evidence to commit the matter to trial.

If it is committed and Lehrmann pleads not guilty, the case will go to trial.

Monday will mark the first time Lehrmann appears in court for this matter.

After he was charged, Lehrmann was known only as a ‘high profile man’ in media reports about the allegations.

However, his identity was revealed after Queensland legislation was modified to allow people accused of sexual offences to be identified before being committed to stand trial.

After the law changed, the former political staffer lost his subsequent bid to seek a non-publication order to continue to protect his identity.

Two months before he met the Toowoomba woman in 2021, had been charged with sexually assaulting his former colleague Brittany Higgins at Parliament House in Canberra in 2019.