Build An Audience Segmented Fashion Collection To Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram

Among the innumerable possibilities that Instagram provides businesses of any kind with, the feature that allows ecommerce business owners to create a “collection” ad makes this platform especially useful for the fashion business.

  • This feature of the platform will target the specific audience and they will be able to find their product of choice more easily.
  • Collection ads are very useful because it will allow the users to browse, discover, and choose a product more easily.
  • It will also help them to purchase their chosen product right from the app itself without having to log out and log in while they make the site switch.

This ease in use and convenience in making a purchase will surely increase the site traffic as well as the sales prospects, which is the ultimate objective of using Instagram for social media marketing.

The Instagram ads can be very useful for any business irrespective of its niche but for a fashion business it is all the more useful when they use the collection ads feature. The platform will help the businesses to take their marketing efforts one step further.

Creating a collection ad

It is not very difficult to create a collection ad. All you have to do is create a collection that is accordance to the target audience and that will suit their needs and wants of the very specific product.

It is just like a travel business creates a specific package for a holiday makes them gain the most during the season, creating a collection of fashion product that is specific for a specific type of audience will also enable the brand to make the most sales.

  • Instagram Ads and its features will enable the brand to do exactly that by enabling them to target specific groups within their viewers.
  • In order to make your collection ads more effective and gain more attention of the users which will in turn raise the number of traffic to the site, you can even offer some gifts as well along with the product. These gifts can be a promo code, a discount offer or any other but whatever it is, it will surely raise the interest of the users for your collection ads.

The good thing about Instagram is that you can easily make these lists into a collection ad on the platform. You can then target it directly at the specific segment of your audience that share those particularinterests.

As a result, you will be able to make the most out of the followers for Instagram and make the most sales.

Grow in popularity

Just as the collection ads feature has grown in popularity after its launch it will also help your brand to grow in popularity as well. It is over to you as to how you will use the collection ads. Just as Facebook has built new tools for the users, businesses on Instagram also can use the tools and features to benefit fromthe platform. This is why it only continues to grow in popularity.

If you have not tried Instagram ads before, you will not know much of it but that does not mean you cannot use it now. Since the features of it will guide you through the process, you will find it easy to use it. Therefore, wait no longer and lose on the immense opportunity that this specific feature of Instagram.

All you have to do is:

  • Spend a couple of weeks setting and defining your business goals
  • Select and know about the audience that you specifically target with your collections
  • Create a proper and feasible budget for the ad and
  • Make a plan regarding how you will design your ad.

This will ensure that you get to reach the right type of people with the right type of ad and with the right type of collection. This will help your business to soar and stay ahead of your competition.

Follow the best practice

You will need to follow the best practice while you post new content each day on Instagram. One of such practices is to check on your Instagram Insights on a regular basis once you post any content. This will make a lot of sense as you will gain a better understanding regarding your post as to how it is performing.

For each post this Insight will help you to know a lot of things such as:

  • The impression and impact the post is creating
  • The reach of each of the posts
  • The number of clicks made to visit your website to know about the traffic the post is generating and several other metrics.

All these facts and figures will give you a clear and better idea about the performance of each post and segregate the content that is helping you to accomplish your business and marketing goals from those that are not or are hindering the process.

  • When you create your collection ads such metrics will be very helpful to design it just as the situation demands. You will be able to know the specific areas of your ad and other elements of your content that you need to fine-tune to make it precise and result driven.
  • Such insights will also make it easier for you to make proper decisions regarding posting the ads such as the right time for it so that the ads create a better appeal to your target audience.

With such improvements made in your collection ads and posts it will be easier and productive for you and your fashion business to build much stronger engagement with your future contents and ads.

The final thoughts

Overall, the Instagram ads feature, especially the collection ad feature will ensure that you reach out to your target audience for which simply having an online presence is not enough. Also make sure that you focus on making a daily engagement your top priority so as to build a loyal following.

All these tactics will ensure daily growth for your Instagram followers and your fashion site traffic.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.