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Bunnings shopper’s Reddit post about ‘hot’ uniforms on workers sparks heated debate 

Shopper’s post claiming Bunnings uniforms are ‘hot’ sparks heated debate – but many agree they have an ‘unexplained attraction’ to the iconic red polo shirt

  • Reddit user sparks heated online debate over ‘hot’ Bunnings uniform post
  • The man took to Reddit on Wednesday to write about how flattering the attire is
  • He said he preferred to see women in the uniform than in a dress, skirt or jeans 
  • The uniform consists of a red polo shirt, shorts, apron and ‘chunky’ tradie boots

A Reddit post about ‘hot’ Bunnings workers uniforms has sparked a heated debate on social media. 

The male shopper took to Reddit on Wednesday to share his thoughts on the hardware store attire, declaring: ‘Bunnings uniforms are hot’.

In the post, he said he preferred to see a woman in the uniform – which consists of a red polo shirt, shorts, apron and ‘chunky’ tradie boots – than in a dress, skirt or jeans.

Bunnings uniforms consist of a red polo shirt, shorts, apron and ‘chunky’ tradie boots (pictured, a Bunnings worker)

‘Whenever I, a hetero man, go to Bunnings I’m always surprised by how flattering the stubbie shorts and tradie boots are on the lady employees,’ he wrote. 

‘I’d take a woman in the Bunnings get-up over a woman in many of the regular jeans or dress or skirt outfits I see out there.

‘It makes me understand why women sometimes have a thing for firefighters. I think the chunky boots accentuate the legs and make them look slimmer or something.’

Social media users agreed there was an unexplained attraction about the Bunnings uniforms adding men also looked good in the get-up.

‘I think tradie boots are attractive on everyone,’ one person wrote. 

‘And the men in those outfits! I agree something about the boots accentuates the mens calves and they look so thick, sturdy and strong,’ commented another. 

Bunnings shopper's Reddit post about 'hot' uniforms on workers sparks heated debate 

Reddit users agreed saying there was something ‘flattering’ about the Bunnings uniform on both male and female workers

‘Yeah, I get you. It looks like they are strong and hard working – you can relate to them. I like men in uniform, the way they stand, the poise in their chins,’ added a third. 

But one Reddit user felt the post was inappropriate for commenting on the way employees and especially female workers look.

‘Thank god you’ve shared this opinion not on any employees competence or ability to do their job but instead on how pleasing they are to your eye as you do your hardware shopping,’ the user wrote.

‘Without your sartorial advice and critique they may have just enjoyed a day at work without being reminded that everywhere they go, even their workspace, they exist basically only for men to ogle.’  

Another user replied to the comment pointing out if they would feel the same if the post was written by a woman.  

‘Be honest with us for a moment here, would you have reacted the same way to this post if it was from a hetero woman commenting on men?’ Challenged one user.

But the Redditer only doubled down on their comments:  

‘I’d still find it f****g weird for someone to be so focused on someone’s aesthetic appeal at their retail job that they needed to go online and make a post about how well the uniform accentuates their legs.’