Burning question: are electric skateboards safe?

With the creation of electric skateboards, skateboarders have dramatically increased in number. Not only do these boards go fast, but they also provide lots of fun and attractive features.

No matter what brand or how expensive the electric skateboard is, everyone thinks of safety. This is because they can go fast despite being so compact. Your concern is justified. The safety of the electric skateboard depends on many things, such as the rider themselves or the road they are riding it on.

Let’s talk about whether electric skateboards are safe or dangerous in detail. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Are electric skateboards dangerous?

Are E-skateboards dangerous? Not necessarily. The manufacturers make sure that they don’t cause any problems. The rest is up to you. As electric skateboards are simple in design and control, lots of people are attracted to them.

But, being simple does not necessarily mean it’s safe. You have to follow a few things to make the electric skateboard safe. So, let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind to safely operate an electric skateboard or at least keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Learning how to ride

An electric skateboard just goes under your feet, so why do I have to learn it? Underestimating it is our first mistake. Like bikes or cars, you have to learn how to ride an electric skateboard. There are no belts or safety features. Your feet are the only thing that holds the skateboard firmly, so learn how to place your feet and not fall.

Unlike a normal skateboard where you have to stop it by turning it sideways, an electric skateboard has a brake button. Pressing the brake button may stop it, but you will lose balance and fall if you are not ready. So, learn how to handle the brakes first.

As we have said earlier, E-skateboards can go fast. This is why you should practice it in an open space or your backyard. You have to learn how to control it at full speed. So before you take it out to the streets, learn to control the speed. It is also important to know how to deal with different types of terrain because you won’t always get a smooth road. Learn how to position your body.

Lastly, you have to learn how to use the remote. Unlike the normal skateboard, where you have to use your feet to gain momentum, the electric skateboard comes remotely.

Wear protective gears

Just like a bike or a bicycle, there is no exterior to protect you from accidents. Safety gears are the only thing that is between you and the road. Again, do not underestimate it. Lots of people did, and their hospital bill is the proof.

The most important safety gear is the helmet. It is fine if you don’t wear one while strolling near your house, but it is advised to wear one if you are on the streets. If anything goes south, at least your head will be protected. And, don’t go for the looks while you buy a helmet. Buy the one that is lightweight and sturdy.

If you are new to skateboarding, wear full protective gear. Elbow, knee, wrist, don’t let anything be unprotected.

Know your limits

To safely ride an E-skateboard, you should never cross its rated speed. For example, if your skateboard has 12 miles per hour, don’t push it beyond that limit. By pushing, we mean be careful while going downhill. This can lead to brake failures or damage the board itself.

Be aware of your surroundings. If there are too many people on the road, drive it slowly. And don’t solely rely on the electronic brake. Sometimes use your feet or use the “turn brake” technique.

Lastly, make sure whether you are allowed to use your electric skateboard on that particular spot. For example, it is illegal to ride a skateboard on the highway. This is very dangerous, and you should never take your board to the highway.

Final words

As the popularity of electric skateboards is increasing, so are the misconceptions. It is not a car or a bike which you can ride anywhere you want. Although E-skateboards are very fast and feature-packed, they have their limitations.

So, are electric skateboards safe? Yes, undoubtedly. But, safety depends on you as well. Suppose you are new to skateboarding. Practice before venturing outside. To make your electric skateboard fully safe, study your ride, wear full-on protective gear, and don’t go too fast.

So, now that we have cleared out everything regarding e-skateboard safety, what’s stopping you from conquering the roads?