Business is choosing strategies for change

By Rozhkova Galiya, the head of sales department

It can say for sure that we overcame everything and continue overcoming the hard times in the sphere of sales. Today we are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, and business is choosing the new and right course to rise again or continues moving along the planned course.

Heads of marketing departments stand guard, evaluating the situation with keen eyes and choosing the vector of sales development under any conditions.

Relevance of the chosen sphere (niche) is very important at all times, but now the matter of choosing the activity is even more pressing. We need to understand the perspective and growth of the industry.

The global situation allowed us to re-evaluate our capabilities, and change our approach to sales and to clients. Not every leader is able to quickly change their attitude to the changes in the market.

There is a lack of demand, a lack of clients, and, finally, a lack of a sales market. Weaker players have left the market, and those who were in a crisis before, have developed a “wait and see” attitude. In my turn, I urged business owners not to leave the market. They had to stay!

Why? Not only discounts and preferences are important. Previously built relationship, partnership, and, finally, friendship and friendship according to interests (even though this case is rarer) — they are also important and needed. I wasn’t mistaken.

I chose the correct vector. We kept in touch with all clients and attracted new ones in order to establish contact. We didn’t sell, we worked and planned. Our clients shared their opinions with us, thanked us for the positive approach, and eagerly communicated with us as with the representatives of the external word and information media.

It’s safe for me to say that the year 2020 let us all know what was more important: discounts and bonuses or service. I don’t mean service like in a restaurant but in a broader sense. Service is any activity that one party carries out for another party, with intangible nature, not leading to the formation of ownership of anything. That’s right. Service won.

Now I’m teaching and urging all managers to become client-oriented, to actively learn about the needs of the client. We need to understand the clients and do our utmost to help them solve their problems. Service opens the doors to sales, to the prolonged partnership.

Caring about your customer means 90% of the deal’s success and the condition for closing the deal. Business owners and managers need to develop a more attentive approach to their returning clients, reminding them about the readiness to stand with them and support them during hard times.

A manager is not supposed to carry out aggressive and open sales now. Sales technique is a very virtuous instrument, and it can be used with pinpoint precision. The nature of sales must be hidden, and the client must clearly understand that he was the one who made the decision to purchase.

The client who’s moving along the pattern set by the manager will always make a purchase. By honing and improving your skills you will surely achieve success in building long-term relationships with clients and realizing your ambitious plans.

Sales are not communication. Sales are the intricacy of logical traps, and the better the salesperson sets the traps, the better their result in sales will be.

Head of sales department Rozhkova Galiya