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BUSINESS LIVE: Job vacancy numbers surpass pre-pandemic levels

BUSINESS LIVE: Number of job vacancies surpassed pre-pandemic levels in the three months to June; Asos sees sales growth slow amid poor weather and Covid fears; City watchdog vows to become more ‘assertive’

  • New data shows the number of open job posts reached pre-pandemic levels
  • Online retailer Asos saw sales growth slow down in the last few weeks 
  • Financial Conduct Authority vows to become more ‘assertive’ in its approach 

Fresh figures published by the Office for National Statistics this morning have revealed that the number of job vacancies in Britain surpassed pre-pandemic levels in the three months to June. 

The ONS said there were 862,000 jobs on offer in Britain between April and June, which is 77,500 more than in the same quarter in 2020.

The ONS said the rise was driven by ‘hospitality, wholesaling and retailing’. The number of people on payrolls also grew, up by 356,000 in June, the figures show.

But, the ONS said the number of payroll workers remained 206,000 below pre-pandemic levels, at 28.9million.