Businesses That Have Soared Due to This COVID-19 Outbreak

The threat of COVID-19 has impacted countless businesses worldwide. It is no secret that many have suffered because of this global pandemic.

In America, 99% of all businesses are small. Yet they employ more than half of the American workforce.

These small businesses are the first to be affected, and they are forced to shut their doors. For some of them, bailouts may not be enough.

Government research reveals that more than 40% of small businesses may close in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. In the year following such an event, one in four may close.

Is this what we can expect for the COVID-19 outbreak? Will it be worse? We are in uncharted waters now. It seems we will only know the true impact after the pandemic has come to an end.

However, we can be happy about one thing — this recession is no fault of our own. It’s happening because of a virus outbreak that, up until a few months ago, anyone would have laughed off.

This was not the case with the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. That recession was caused by a banking crisis. Subprime mortgages collapsed. There was a lack of liquidity.

Fortunately, this time around, the situation is different. We may be taking a bit of a hit, but the core of the banking system is still healthy.

As we have seen, governments around the world are pumping money into industries to cushion the blow. This cushion may be soft enough to see these small businesses flourish again in the near-future. They will need to adapt and find new ways to grow amidst quarantine lockdowns and social distancing.

Where possible, ‘essential services’ have dominated the market. Fundamentally, this is the only thing that many people have been able to obtain what they need.

This includes food, medicine, energy, and financial services, just to name a few.

These are your essentials that are required to live a healthy life, as opposed to healthy happy life.

Are you in one of those strict governing countries?

Well, I am!

Fortunately, for the US, they still get to shop retail. Amazon is one of the key players in delivering goods to the door. It is even shipping goods to be received overseas.

With many people now living isolated in their limited bubbles, the virtual experience has become more important. This has driven the demand for Amazon purchases as shops physically close.

For Amazon, this it is like the peak holiday season. More than 100,000 additional staff have been employed to keep up with this spike in demand. Amazon even notes that it will employ a further 75,000.

The growth is exceptional. Their stock price has also seen a 26% increase since January. Now, this is what we call having the right business model at the exactly the right time.

Some say you only need these services to survive. Perhaps you need nothing more. But, for me, I am certainly looking forward to less restrictions and a somewhat normal life.

What is the reason that some businesses are doing extremely well?

Is it just about being at the right place at the right time?

For some businesses, it has been a case of simply being lucky.

But, for most, it was about innovation. Companies with vision and ambition have made it a point to secure critical supply lines. They have also set up platforms to attract and build a customer base. They are able send items or deliver services quickly and efficiently.

One thing is for sure — users are adapting quickly. They are relying more and more on online orders. They are keen to try out new technology.

Regardless of whether a company is as popular as Amazon — or it’s just a small start-up — the ability to offer a smooth and pleasing consumer experience has been the key to success.

Here’s an example of an innovative company you may not have heard of. Cleancult was founded in 2016, and it launched its products in January 2019. Their focus was on developing cleaning products made from natural ingredients. Green and organic.

Initial sales were slow and gradual. Of course, this was to be expected. Cleancult was new, and it was just taking baby steps, working to build its brand and presence.

But then the world changed. The COVID-19 pandemic hit. Fear and uncertainty reigned. And hygiene became a new global obsession. Cleancult was in an ideal position to reap the benefits of this.

As generic cleaning products disappeared from supermarket shelves, anxious consumers began to search for an alternative. Amazon was their first port of call. And guess what? Cleancult was fortunate enough to have a strong presence on Amazon.

You can guess the rest — Cleancult experienced skyrocketing sales, seemingly overnight. To be exact, they have enjoyed an eye-popping 800% rise in revenue.

The company hasn’t been able to keep up with the feverish demand. They have increased their work week, working hard to get their products out to consumers in time.

Now their main worry is running out of stock!

Who will benefit the most from a coronavirus pandemic?

Food. Energy. Healthcare.

Right now, we’re seeing supply chains in the market being oriented to deliver for these pressing needs.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, one industry has stood out to me — pharmaceutical companies that are developing a possible vaccine. They represent our hope of returning to a normal life.

Governments around the world are providing billions of dollars in funding. This is creating a rally in biotechnology stocks.

Here’s one example of a company leading the way: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. They have just announced that their first ‘cocktail’ to be tested on humans at the start of summer. Is this the first step towards mass vaccination?

Although there are many moving parts in this, this sounds like good progress to me.

Their share price has showed both hype and hope — increasing by 78% in value in six months.

Another company, Moderna, is focusing on drug discovery and development. Their share price before the pandemic was stable. But in just six month, they have scored gains of 191%. This spike was due to the announcement that Moderna will be distributing a possible vaccine for Phase One of human trials.

Then we have yet another company: Inovio Pharmaceuticals. It has gained traction by announcing extra funding of $6.9 million to fund Phase 0.5 of clinical trials. In six months, its share price has increased 326%.

These companies have experienced much optimism. It’s like a fairy tale. But the real pay-off for investors? That will only likely happen for the company that wins the race. It’s anyone’s guess which company that will be.

How you can personally benefit from the COVID-19 outbreak

Are you finding yourself unable to work because of social distancing and quarantine lockdown?

Then you probably need extra income ideas to help you through this difficult time.

Right now, good quality stocks are on a discount, allowing investors to potentially capturing much more value than usual. In the long-run, this could potentially mean higher profits.

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