Busy mum-of-three under nine sparks debate over the school lunches she prepared for her kids at 3am

Organised mum-of-three under nine sparks heated debate over the school lunches she busily prepares for her young kids every week

  • A mother has divided opinion with the lunches she made for her three children
  • She shared a photo of 11 plastic bags packed with snacks on Facebook
  • She prepared the packs at 3am on a Sunday night for the week ahead
  • People slammed her for wasting plastic and encouraged her to use alternatives
  • She said she reuses the bags every week and didn’t want to listen to negativity
  • Others defended her and praised her ‘awesome’ attempt at organisation

Australians are divided over the school lunches a busy mother makes for her three young children.

The mum shared a photo of 11 plastic ziplock bags packed with fruit, cheese, cookies and juice boxes in an Australian budgeting group on Facebook, telling members she prepares the lunches at 3am on Sundays to save time during the week ahead.

But critics slammed her for wasting plastic and urged her to switch to environmentally friendly packaging like cardboard instead, while others felt the biscuits and processed snacks were an unhealthy choice for young kids.

‘I’m sorry to be a negative Nelly, but maybe try some alternatives to all the plastic next time,’ one woman wrote in the comments.

The mother replied saying she reuses the same bags every week and only uses them to store food until her children – aged four, five and nine – transfer it to their lunchboxes and take them to school in the morning.

The homemade lunch bags prepared by a busy Australian mother which have divided opinion on Facebook, with critics accusing her of wasting plastic

Another woman criticised the inclusion of the juices, saying: ‘Kids don’t need sugary drinks during the day.’

The mum hit back by editing the caption of the photo to say if she wanted negativity, she would simply ask her ex-boyfriend for his opinion.

Many defended her after a group administrator told people to report rude or negative comments so they could be removed and encouraged the mum to do ‘whatever works’ for her.

‘It’s your household and you know how to run it and how to be a great mum,’ she said.

‘Everyone does it differently so, instead of putting c**p on [here], why can’t you look at it from a different angle and take something positive from this pic… I did and it will help me with my kids lunches in the evenings.’

Others were surprised by the negative responses, with one woman asking: ‘Why would anyone be critical of this?’


Where do you stand in the debate?

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  • Brilliant organisation 2 votes

‘I’m not reading all the comments but why would anyone need to post negatively?This is awesome and such a good time saver, well done mum!’ said another.

One woman blasted critics telling them to mind their own business and worry about their own families instead of posting comments on social media.

”Oh No! She feeds her kids, How dare she.’ Some of these people need to get a grip. I think it looks great and I bet the kids aren’t complaining,’ she said.

Others praised her organisation, saying it’s certain to save her time and money as well as ensuring her children eat healthier food than the fare typically available at school canteens and corner shops.

‘Well done. It changes your whole mind set when you start off being organised for the week ahead. It helps us cope when the unexpected things pop up,’ one mother said. 

‘Go Mumma! I also reuse the sandwich bags for leftovers, school snacks and fruit and veg prep! They are a perfect way to keep stuff together and fresh and the fact they reseal is perfect,’ said a second.

Many congratulated her for having the energy and commitment to make such thoughtful lunches for her kids at 3am. 

A third said she only wishes she’d thought of the idea when her kids were younger while another said it’s her ‘dream in life’ to become this organised.

A wife said she uses the same trick for her husband when she goes away on business to deter him from ordering takeaways.  

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