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Buy Ultra comfort neodrives e-bike online from #no.1 e-bike store-Hilite

Hilite is the best online e-bike store where you can find new and innovative designs of e-bikes that are not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly. The most exciting part is that these bikes do not use traditional petrochemical fuels but uses electricity for locomotion. There are many types of e-bikes that users can browse from the official online store of Hilite. Bike lovers can find a variety of e-bikes here. However, the featured one is neodrives e-bike and rohloff. Let us have a glimpse of these environment-friendly e-bikes one by one.

Features of Neo drive e-bikes

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  • Aesthetic design:- The design of these e-bikes is cool and is made keeping comfort as the prime importance. The support system of the seat is strong and firm. Neo drives weigh around 140 Kg with all the systems. The aerodynamic design helps you to travel faster.
  • Efficient engine:- The engine that is provided with Neodrives e-bikes is energy efficient. The efficiency of the engine is 85 %( approximately) which helps the rider to travel at the speed of 45 KMPH.
  • Aluminum body frame:-In order to make the design of the e-bike light in weight Neo Drives e bike’s body frame is made of aluminum. Due to this lightweight design, the overall weight of the system decreases, and the thrust required for locomotion is decreased to a significant amount.

Features of Rohloff Titan Handmade Bike

  • Super stylish handle:- The handle of Rohloff e-bike is super stylish. These handles are efficient in controlling the bike in steep edges and can easily be twisted and turned for changing the direction of the vehicle.
  • 14 Gear hub:- S Pinion gear hub is the main highlight of these e-bikes. These gears are specially made by S Pinion No.1 gear producing company worldwide.
  • Anti-shock breaking system:- Rohloff e-bikes have an excellent braking system. These e-bikes can stop the bikes at steep edges or hilly areas to save the life of the riders. It is because of this feature adventure bikers prefer to ride on this e-bike.

Titanium body frame:- To make the body frame of Rohloff e-bikes super strong, the frame of the body is built by titanium which is also the toughest and strongest known metal on the earth. Considering the features of both the bikes, we can conclude that both these e-bikes are truly fantastic for adventure lovers e bikers. The design of both these e-bikes will keep the riders surprised for quite a long time. These bikes do not cause any pollution to the environment and hence can be a savior for fossil fuels in the future. Besides this, these bikes are economical and can be purchased online as well. It is recommended that online buyers should always check the detailed information of the e-bikes first and then make any payment online. The detailed information of both these e-bikes can be seen in the instruction manual of the e-bike as well. These e-bikes can also be bought from nearby stores as well.



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