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Buying, Leasing & Car Subscriptions: The Benefits Of Each

If you are looking for a new car, you probably know how much of a headache it can be – it’s time consuming, and it can be a very expensive commitment, which is why it is so crucial that car buyers know what options are out there. Information is power where car buying is concerned, so in this article you will be provided with information about buying, leasing, and subscribing for a car, as well asa few of the benefits of each.

Buying a Car

If you want to own your vehicle, buying is the only way to go. Once you pay off the car, the car is yours, which means you can modify your car anyway you want (as long as the modifications are legal), and you can recoup some of the cost when you sell (although, with depreciation, this payout won’t be significant). Also, unlike a lease, there is no restriction on how many miles you are allowed to drive with the car, so you do not have to worry about racking up your mileage for those long road trips or your daily commute.

Leasing a car

If you choose to lease your next luxury car one of the great benefits is that a car lease typically offers the lowest monthly payment for your car,when compared to buying or subscribing for a car. Another one of the benefits of leasing a car is that you have the chance to drive a fresh new car every time you obtain a lease. Not only that, but you also don’t have to worry about the car depreciating in value, as you will be returning the car to the dealer anyways (although you do have the option to purchase the car once the lease is over). Finally, a benefit of leasing a car is that you are usually always covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and therefore never need to fret about the cost of repairs.

Car Subscription

A car subscription service is similar to a car lease, where you do not own the car that you are driving. With a car subscription, you pay an all-inclusive monthly fee and rent out the car – both short and long-term rentals, depending on the service. Typically, the fees cover roadside assistance, maintenance, and insurance. Many times, with a subscription service, you have access to many different makes and models in a dealership’s line-up, giving you the option to switch out a car on short notices if you are not satisfied with your current car. A car subscription service is perfect for people that do not like committing to a long term loan or a contract, since you can drive the car for a month and either return the car or switch to another one.

Choosing a car is not easy; you do not want to be committed to something you are not happy with. Consider your options and choose the path that makes the most sense to you.

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