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Can Eat CBD Edibles Post-workout Help Relieve Inflammation?

A CBD-infused food, clinically called Epidiolex, is commonly referred to by the name, Cannabis edibles. They are non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating food products. These contain decarboxylated cannabinoids from CBD with varying amounts of THC.

The primary functional use of edibles is to provide the effects of Cannabis without the psychoactive response to THC. Individuals searching for safer inflammation relievers are looking toward Cannabis-originated CBD edibles.

Intake of Cannabis has various health benefits. Various researches and studies suggest that these edibles reduce inflammation.

In addition, several Cannabis products are available that cause few to no side effects with a decrease in inflammation symptoms that might occur due to post-workout tiredness.

Fatigue and Tiredness post-workout

Post-workout refers to what athletes do after exercise primarily for faster recovery. For proper nutrition and balanced energy storage, correct intake is necessary. Most individuals come under the category where they are unaware of what to eat or drink after post-workout.

Eating the right food at the proper time is equally necessary. A correct diet ensures the maximum intake of nutrition in the individual.

The results revealed that Cannabis edibles are impactful at relieving post-exercise joint stiffness and muscle tension in over 97% of participants. CBD softens the delayed onset of muscle soreness and the accompanying pain and immobility.

Therefore, edible food is a good choice for athletes as post-workout nutrition. It provides sustained effects without re-dosing.

How to keep pace with a heavy workout?

In the present times, workout has become a part of our daily life routine. CBD proves impactful in resolving post-workout after-effects such as physical and muscle pain in athletes.

Now it is even recommended by doctors. After intake, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a naturally occurring system in the body. This system gets linked to regulating many different body processes, including inflammation, pain, sleep, etc.

In addition, Cannabis is anti-inflammatory and aids noticeable changes such as better mental health, reduction in blood pressure, and a boost in physic within the body.

CBD intake helps in soothing post-workout aches and pains, muscle fatigue, and soreness during intense post-workouts. CBD lotions get directly absorbed by joints and pains and thus provide easiness to the body.

Other ways that can help

Fuel Your Body with Protein and Nutrition. Protein fuels the individual body and cells with amino acids to repair muscle proteins. They get broken down during post-workout.

Increase Your Glycogen Intake. Researchers prove about 20 minutes of high-intensity sessions for body muscles deplete glycogen storage.

Eat the Right Kind of Carbs. Crabs of different varieties exist and get grouped as whole and complex carbs. Whole carbs are in their natural form. Crabs have fibers that help the body regulate its use of sugar.

An example of these includes sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc. Refined carbs are processed and stripped of fibers. Examples of these are white bread, fruit juices, and white rice.

Assure of a healthy diet in Meals. Good sources of fat, in minute amounts, are also one factor after post-workout. A small amount of fat will help the athlete feel satisfied with the meal and stay full for longer durations for future post-workout.

Inflammation After The Workout: Effects

Inflammation refers to an immune system response to tissue damage. Its purpose is to remove cellular debris from the damaged site and initiate repair for faster recovery. When we do workouts, we damage our muscles.

Then, the bodies with cells present inside repair them and grow back even healthier and more immune.

Inflammation is caused during the repair process when the body increases blood flow in the body to the affected area to replenish oxygen, fuel muscles and cells, and clear out waste.

Muscle soreness and joint pain are symptoms of post-workout inflammation that result in slow recovery. It limits fitness gains and even causes overuse injuries.

Cannabis and Inflammation relief

Cannabis has a large spectrum of physiological, biochemical, and psychological effects that include anti-inflammatory properties. They have the potential to benefit athletes. It results in improvement of:

  • Alzheimer disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • general pain
  • inflammatory conditions in the body
  • inflammatory bowel diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases (CARD)

In a 2016 study and research, CBD gel was applied to rats for four days without a break, either 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3 milligrams (mg) per day. The results revealed a reduction in inflammation in their affected joints. There were no side effects observed.

Our body cells react to pain and injury by releasing chemicals known as cytokines.

These cytokine chemicals signal the immune system to release proteins that cause inflammation. Therefore, by using Cannabis for pain management and swelling, you can reduce the number of chemicals that can cause inflammation in your body.


Cannabis comes in various forms. One of them is edibles and includes CBD gummies and oral oil intake. You can try the different forms with different concentrations and test to find what is best for a particular individual.

The capsules, oral pills, and Cannabis gummies get marketed as daily vitamins or sleep supplements. The various other forms of CBD intake are also available. CBD Cannabis-infused drinks, food, shots, and sublingual products.

Top CBD Anti-inflammatory products include:

  • CBDFX Turmeric & Spirulina Gummies
  • Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture
  • PlusCBD Gummies
  • Vertly Cooling Workout Recovery Body Spray


CBD or cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy for many common ailments, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. Cannabis can be taken in tropical and edible forms, including gummies and oil consumption.

The addition of the right supplements after post-workout is necessary. It helps in faster recovery, muscle gain as well as performance.

We observed that CBD was impactful at relieving post-exercise and workout joint stiffness and muscle tension in over 97% of tested participants. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis help reduce chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptor activity.

Inflammation refers to a response triggered by damaging living tissues. Edible gummies interact with the user’s endocannabinoid system and bind the receptors in the body. Hence, it provides benefits mentally as well as physically.