Can Fleet Tracking Help to Make Your Business More Efficient?

No matter what business you are in, it is likely that you are continually striving to find ways in which you can make things more efficient. After all, better efficiency means that you are making more products, delivering goods more quickly and in general doing things in a better way. If you have a fleet, then vehicle tracking is a very good way in which you can see how efficient you are being.  And, of course, you’ll see where there are changes that can be made.

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking provides you with valuable real-time feedback and data regarding the behaviour of your drivers and the position of their vehicle. It can be used alongside other fleet management tools to assist you in making more strategic decisions about how your company can operate; finding ways in which you can improve how you do things. Each of your vehicles is fitted with a GPS device that can help you track where your drivers are. It will also help to spot any issues that might arise both with their driving or traffic problems. This data can then help you to deal with potential problems before they arise, to improve the efficiency that you provide to your customers

What are the benefits of fleet tracking?

One significant benefit of fleet tracking is the ability to monitor an entire collection of vehicles all at the same time. This means that if there is a significant traffic incident, then you will be able to see which drivers it might affect.  You can then suggest alternative routes which will avoid any unnecessary delays. It will also allow you to let customers know exactly when goods will be with them, including if they will, unfortunately, be delayed, which is great for customer services.

Fleet tracking can assist you when it comes to planning the most effective routes for your drivers. This can be especially handy when they have multiple deliveries to make in the same area because you can plot the most efficient route.  This will allow them to make the deliveries in the most fuel-efficient way, taking into account any traffic hot spots or diversions that may be in place at any one time.

Using a fleet tracker will also allow you to keep an eye on the driving behaviour of your drivers. The last thing you want is to have drivers in company vehicles that tell everyone exactly who you are driving recklessly and giving the company a bad name. Detailed data from your fleet tracking will help you to pinpoint any driving behaviour that is not as it should be, then you can go ahead and work with the driver on correcting it.


Another very important feature of fleet tracking is the ability to find your vehicles in the event of a theft. This does not just include thefts from your business premises but also any thefts that might occur when the vehicle is on the move. Insurance companies look favourably on companies that use fleet tracking, and often offer reduced insurance rates for those companies who use trackers that feature on their approved lists.

When you rely on your fleet for delivery purposes, losing even one vehicle can have major implications for the efficiency that you can offer to your customers. So, this can be a very important consideration for many companies when looking at fleet trackers for their vehicles.