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Can You Change the Bezel on a Watch?

Yes, you can. In fact, not only can you replace the bezel but also change or upgrade the bezel insert, creating a completely new-looking timepiece. There are different types of watch bezels, and you’ll want to choose one that aligns with the look you envisioned.

Tools To Prepare

As seemingly minor as it is to change a watch’s bezel, its effect on the timepiece is anything but. The goal is that the new bezel should easily convince onlookers that your watch is new. So, what do you need to prepare for this modification?

Bezel: Naturally, you will need a new bezel to replace the original watch’s bezel. This outer metal section of the turntable ring comes in various styles and degrees of thickness. As such, you’ll have plenty of choices to find the one that matches your personal style.

Bezel Insert: That colored part you see on the bezel is the insert. They vary mostly based on aesthetics, although inserts like the dual-time provide additional details on the time.

Watch Case Knife: This tool has a thin but not overly thin edge and a handle from which the user applies pressure. It is neither elusive nor cheap, but if you can’t find one, it should be easy to look for a good enough substitute. For instance, any item with a thin-enough edge to slip between the bezel and bezel case’s gap should work.

Adhesive Tape: You’ll need adhesive tape to attach the bezel insert to the bezel. However, bezel inserts usually come with adhesive tape, so you might not need to secure one at all. Still, it’s better to come prepared with a double-sided tape in case your purchase doesn’t include one.

Changing the Bezel and Bezel Insert in Easy Steps

The goal is to replace the bezel with a new one, right? So, it follows that the first step would be to remove the old bezel. Let’s walk you through a simple guide for replacing the bezel and bezel insert.

Step 1: Take Out the Old Bezel – In most watches, bezels are secured in place using a snap-on mechanism, so they only have to be pried off to remove. That said, some watches have screwed-on bezels and bezels that are part of their geometric construction, making for a more complicated removal process. However, that’s something we won’t be talking about today.

To remove a snap-on bezel, you’ll need to grab the watch case knife. Insert the tool in the gap between the bezel and bezel case. If the watch is fairly new, you might have to put some muscle behind it, though it shouldn’t take as much effort as an old watch.

Some snap-on timepieces have a notch positioned at the 12 o’clock mark to make the prying easier. Once you’ve pushed the knife the entire way, a slight nudge should be all it takes for the bezel to come straight off.

Step 2: Install the New Bezel – Basically, this covers the new bezel’s installation process, which isn’t as complicated as it sounds. All it entails is pressing the new bezel onto the case.

Note that a click ring could be situated between the case and the bezel, depending on the watch case’s construction. If this were the case, a little bit of force would be required to complete the installation.

You can’t do that without risking damage, so make sure to prepare protective material. Slip the protective item or fabric between the case and the surface you’re working on to protect both surfaces. Also, make sure the case is level on the surface.

To install the new bezel, start by pressing it in part before pushing it all the way. When inserted correctly, the bezel should rotate almost effortlessly. If you’re using a unidirectional bezel, check if it turns in only one direction.

Step 3: Place the New Bezel Insert – It’s now time to use the adhesive tape. Peel off the back and align the tape with the chapter ring and the insert’s 12 o’clock mark. Then, proceed to stick the insert onto the bezel. Make sure to assess the whole circle and that you apply the insert firmly. Do this incorrectly or mistakenly skip a step, and you risk the insert becoming loose and coming off.

Step 4: Use Other Bezels and Inserts – It’s not just the bezels that look differently; the inserts can each possess a unique style, too. Change up the styles of either or both items when matching them up with your watches. However, make sure cohesion exists between designs to ensure the best outcomes.

Changing up the Bezel and Bezel Insert

Tired of bringing the same watch to different events but can’t afford to buy a new one? Replace the timepiece’s bezel and bezel insert and acquire a new watch in a “snap.”

Very rarely is a watch modification a walk in the park, but the bezel mod is one of the few exceptions. This mod is a convenient and practical way to change things up and improve your watch’s look.