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Can you use non-copyrighted music in videos or games?

There are so many ways in which music is available now that you might think that you can download a background music track for your video or media venture. Nevertheless, the fact is that nothing could be farther from the facts.

What is non-copyright music?

The Non-copyrighted music license simplifies the Music Licensing by removing the need to settle license fees with PROs and allowing you to use copyrighted music without any royalties payments for repeated use. In brief, non-copyright music applies to a kind of music license that allows the buyer to compensate the music ONLY ONCE and to use the music as long as he wants.

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Can Non-copyright music be used?

Most developers feel it is a safe way to penalize your account and mute or delete your video by using copyrighted Music in videos or games. The truth is not that bad, but to prevent copyright strikes on your site, you need to understand the legal use of copyrighted music. For example, YouTube uses a robust Content ID system to identify and manage the content of your owners ‘ copyrights on YouTube. The Content-ID database scans every video uploaded to YouTube, to find out whether or not copyrighted music or video is present in it.

The Content ID system simply informs you that some unauthorized content has been found in your video. The holder of the copyright dictates if they want you to use their material.

How to find non-copy-righted music?

Therefore, you have created a concept, images, and script for videos or games. You have worked hard to write, plan and project and cast. But what about music from the background? Didn’t you intend a silent series of pictures, were you? Your video certainly needs a complete sound. To keep yourself out of danger, it would be helpful to understand music copyright laws. While music is once safe, it is real.

Thankfully the uncopyrighted music is a treasure trove out there. There is a very solid list of music players and organizations that offer their music without copyright restrictions. I’ve done the research. If you try yourself to hunt for non-copyrighted music from other sources, just take great care to read the fine print. Certain websites charge hidden usage fees, fail to abide by all restrictions or in certain situations ban the use.

Patrick de Arteaga’s non-copyrighted Music

This is one of the best royalty-free music websites. They developed channels that promote the royalty-free distribution of unlicensed songs to collaborate and work creatively. You may have to assign the work correctly following the creator’s agreement. Nevertheless, it is easy to explore; you only need a reference in your project’s credit or wherever you use that music to the Website You can use these songs as best as you can without restriction. The only request I suggest is that you include an acknowledgment of his authorship by the copyright because it is Creative Commons music under the CC-BY license.

How to register your music for free online on Patrick de Arteaga’s non-copyrighted Music?

Patrick de Arteaga’s non-copyrighted music is pleased to be working for artists and workers to register their music conveniently and inexpensively with Creative Commons music under the CC-BY license. That’s why Patrick shows on his blog how to register your music for free online.

You think that it can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating if you have ever joined copyright for the song. If you co-own the songs with others, it is even complicated. And in this era when so much music is done in the long run, it is so necessary for artists to sign their copyrights with an easy so inexpensive online system. There are few steps to register music online for free, which are as follows, it takes minutes to create personalized ownership agreements including break sheets and work-for-hire contracts for you and your staff.

  • Review the differences between authors and register the contract.
  • Sign with the Creative Commons music for Copyright.
  • Call your lawyer to check your deals.
  • Reduce documentation because a common contract can be applied for multiple titles.


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